Southside CSA

Southside CSA is a volunteer-run “community supported agriculture” group. We distribute from the Woods. Our Summer harvest season runs from May – November on Mondays from 630-830pm. Our Winter share runs from December – April on the second Tuesday of every month from 630-830pm. Mailing Address 190 Bedford Ave. #227 Brooklyn NY 11249 Sign ups occur on a yearly basis. Returning members sign up in Jan & Feb. New member sign up starts in March. Winter Share sign ups start in July. Farms: Southside CSA is proud to partner with so many amazing local farmers. It is by far one of the most outstanding things about a CSA farm share –that direct relationship you develop with the person who grows your food through your membership and participation. We are glad that our local Southside Williamsburg/North Brooklyn community can support so many great New York farmers. MimoMex Farm: MimoMex Farm (formerly RodriMex Farm) is operated by the Rodriguez Family — Martin & Gaudencia and their 5 children. Family and tradition are very important parts of the MimoMex Farm. Believing in the same healthy practices that they experienced growing up in Mexico, they do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers, raising the produce “naturally”. The farm is not certified organic. However, despite the lack of official certification, MimoMex Farm has a high standard of quality, combining ecologically friendly and environmentally sound practices with old-fashioned family values, to produce a healthy, sustainable product. Greig Farm: Greig Farmis located on 100 acres of rolling farmland in Red Hook, NY. It is a second generation family farm; Norm Greig is our amazing farmer. His father started their farm in 1942, and it was originally a dairy, wholesale apples, and wholesale & pick-your-own strawberries. Norm started farming full time in 1975. Nowadays the farm is mostly retail, with pick your own asparagus, strawberries, peas, blueberries, summer raspberries, fall raspberries, blackberries, apples and pumpkins. The harvest season at Greig farm starts in the beginning of May and finishes up at the end of October. Greig Farm has made it a priority to grow the highest quality fruit and make it directly available to the public for the past 68 years. It has been open to the public for pick your own fruits and vegetables for more than 60 years and this is its second time working with a CSA. Greig Farm has always planted varieties that feature the best flavor. Nothing compares to the flavor in the field with the heat of the harvest sun on the fruit. Since they are pick your own and allow the general public to roam (& graze) the fields, they do not use systemic chemicals and chose natural predators over the chemical solution. Circle C Maple Farm Northwind Farm [TBD EGG] Farm Winter Sun Farm Collective: In order to streamline the amount of work it takes to organize the Southside CSA, we combine the shares our farmers provide into various packages. To see the packages and pricing information for the upcoming 2012 harvest season. Distribution: The Woods ( located at – 48 South 4th st, between Wythe Ave & Kent Ave) has graciously hosted our distribution since the beginning of the 2010 Harvest Season. Thanks to them our members enjoy picking up their produce in a spacious and comfy outdoor area with access to a full bar and one of the best taco stands in the hood! Winter Distribution happens on a Tuesday evening between 6.30 – 9pm. Summer Distribution happens on a Monday evening between 6.30 – 8.30pm. What you may expect at a typical distribution… By the time our early birds arrive at 6:30, some of your fellow members wills have sorted all of the crates of produce. The produce is divided into various stations by farm and product. Typically we’ll have a veggie area, one for orchard fruit, and another for eggs. Look for a fellow member with the clip board next to each station.You will pick your Share Name, and that will be your password. Members are listed after the Share Name and will be checked off when picking up. Guests are welcomed to pick up for you. All they need is your Share Name and plenty of bags for the produce. The produce will not be pre-bagged or boxed. Veggies and Fruit will arrive in flats from which you will choose your produce. Each crate of produce will have a tag that will let you know what quantity to take. A bunch of this, a head of that, and a pound of the other. Please come with appropriate bags and containers for your shares. Typically you will need 2-3 totes and a hand-full of plastic bags. Zip-loc bags are great for loose greens and you’ll want to bring large tupperware for tomato, peach and berry season. Also – don’t forget a container for all ye egg sharers. Distribution Workshifts… …begins at 6.00 at The Woods and ends at about 9pm. We ask that shift volunteers arrive as close to 6pm as possible and remain at the Woods until the Pantry driver has returned with the empty crates, which should be right around 9pm. How a typical shift rolls: Sign in – introduce yourself to other members Set up the produce areas (veg, eggs, orchard & berries) Set up starts @ 6pm with the hope that everything can be set up and volunteers can grab their share BEFORE distribution starts @ 630pm. Of course there is not always time, in which case volunteers will take turns collecting shares during distribution. Grab a drink and get ready to assist members This is your chance to meet n’ greet all our members. Distribution shifts are as fun as you make them… There are several jobs during distribution: -Check members off the list as they collect their produce -“Stock” produce & remove empty crates and damaged produce -Assist with weighed produce -Break down & clean (consolidate left overs & clean up the bar) -Await drivers to return with empty crates from the pantry run. There are 5 shift volunteers each week plus the organizers. If you cannot make a shift due to a shifting schedule, we ask that you use the Southside CSA facebook group page to exchange shifts with another member. Southside Pantry Driver… ..should be at distribution at about 8.15pm. At 8.30 we will load up your car, one of us will drive with you over to the Southside Community Mission, which is located at 280 Marcey Ave (between Hews & Hooper), we will then bring back the crates from the previous week, and hop on back to The Woods. This shift will end at about 9pm. If there is any other morsel of information that you need to know which is not listed here, or any details that you think would be helpful to other members – please send us an email at Side Dish Provider… For those of you who are preparing a side dish for the Wednesday meal – please come of distribution on Monday at about 8.15. There you can see what produce is available and Ryan, Yo, or Esther will be there to help you collect it. The idea is to help alleviate some of the stress on the small soup kitchen by bringing something that is typically harder for the soup kitchen chefs to accomplish. For example, a pan of roasted vegetables, a creative potato salad with beets or turnips or other csa produce, a soup, or chopped green salad w/ a delicious dressing are all great ways to help make the weekly meal nutritious and delicious. Once you have cooked or prepped your side dish you may deliver it to the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen at 136 Milton St (between Manhattan Ave & Franklin St) on or before 4.30 on the Wednesday. Alternatively, it may be possible to drop off the side dish before Wednesday evening with Ryan. If you would like to deliver it to Ryan, who works in the neighborhood, then please arrange this when you collect the produce. Community: All share families complete 12 hours of volunteer service over the 7 months What does that mean? How does that work? A share family is the unit or group that shares a farm share. These can be actual families & communal houses or groups of friends, roommates, neighbors, co-workers , or complete strangers who are matched up during the sign-up process. The 12 hours of volunteer service are broken down into 3 sections = 5 hours of volunteer work in support of the local community + 4 hours volunteering in support of food security in the neighborhood, either at the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen or at the Southside Mission & 3 hours helping distribute the produce on a Monday Southside CSA pick-up It may sound a little intense, but it is actual quite fun… At your membership sign up, in addition to choosing your share packages and making a deposit, you will determine your 3 volunteer “shifts” and pencil yourself into the volunteer calendars. We realize that it is hard to know your Summer & Fall schedules in January or March but we appreciate your ability to help us schedule things. We use the Southside CSA facebook page to facilitate the swapping of shifts or shares. If you have any other creative ideas for food based community action, we’d love to hear them! Sign Up: All summer sign-ups take place at the unofficial headquarters for the Southside CSA: Ryan & Yolim’s loft: 140 Metropolitan Ave. Between Berry & Wythe. 1st Floor How it Works: Returning members get to sign up first. New members start signing up in March. Sign ups are scheduled through a semi-appointment process. Appointments run on the half hour during sign up events and have several people scheduled. This is an experiment to see if we can cut down on lines and wait time and have a pretty even flow of traffic. During your appointment you will choose your package, make a payment, and sign up for your volunteer shifts. You will leave with a physical receipt and be sent an email invoice; Southside CSA will have a physical invoice as well. All of this writing and typing takes a bit of time. It goes faster when people have thought about their payment and volunteer options before their sign up appointment. What to bring : CASH, DATES, & EMAILS $$ — Most importantly, checkbook or cash. (Sorry, no creditcards, paypal, or other non-physical payments) The whole purpose of a CSA is to get $$ to farmers, therefore the bigger a deposit you put down now, the better it is for our farmers. In order to encourage people to pay in full, we offer reduced admin fee to those who do. ($20. Regular admin fee is $25.) We prefer that people pay at least 50% of their payment in the deposit. However, we can schedule a payment plan that offers different payment options for those who do not have that amount of cash ready. Times are tough and we value very highly having happy members being able to support their local food system. We won’t bite! & we are very willing to work out alternate payment plans. Dates — It is a good idea to have your calendar (for all members in your “share family”) with you to ease scheduling volunteer dates. You will be signing up for a distribution shift, a soup kitchen shift, and a community shift. We understand that it is hard to predict your future schedule, however, it is even harder to run an all-volunteer CSA without a schedule so… Emails – You will be provided with an email receipt.Please bring the emails of all your share members so they can be added to the email list. Please note, there will be a $50 late fee (for payment after May 1st without prior notification). There will also be a $30 fee for bouncing cheques (this is what we get charged by our bank). Also, Southside CSA reserves the right to refund your deposit, minus the administration fee of $20, and to sell your share to another member if you fail to pay in a timely manner. Contact info: