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SlantShack Jerky is a small, artisanal food company that’s dedicated to flavor, freshness, and customization. We've developed a series of unique marinades, spice rubs and glazes to create what we'd humbly posit to be an unprecedented jerky taste experience. Our product is lovingly crafted from high quality, all-natural ingredients by the good people at Vermont Highland Cattle Company in Orleans, VT. Because we make it to order, our jerky is much more tender and flavorful than your average store-bought brand. What sets SlantShack Jerky apart (aside from its pure succulent deliciousness, of course) is the Build-a-Jerky Concept. Customers can choose grain- or grass-fed beef, and mix and match our signature marinades, glazes, and spice rubs to create their perfect jerky. You can find SlantShack Jerky at the following locations in Brooklyn (see our website for all locations beyond Bklyn) Eastern District (Greenpoint) Brooklyn Standard (Greenpoint) Brooklyn Brewery (Williamsburg) Smorgasburg (Williamsburg) Trash Bar (Williamsburg) Banter Bar (Williamsburg) Full Circle Bar (Williamsburg) Forager's Market (Dumbo) Greene Grape (Fort Greene) Choice Greene (Clinton Hill) Union Market (Park Slope, Cobble Hill) Brooklyn Farmacy (Cobble Hill) Court Street Grocers (Carroll Gardens)


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