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Shelsky's Smoked Fish Tagged: Carroll Gardens, Seafood, Smoked Fish, Bagels

A city of immigrants, New York has many cuisines to which it can lay claim: New York pizza, dirty water hot dogs, Bacon, Egg and Cheese on a Roll, fatty pastrami sandwiches the size of city buses, and David Chang come to mind. But perhaps no cuisine is more associated with New York City, than appetizing. Nothing is more New York, than a bagel with lox and a schmear. Appetizing was brought to New York City by Eastern European Jewish immigrants in the early 20th century. Unfortunately, the number of appetizing shops in New York has dwindled, and in Brooklyn, all but disappeared. Over the past decade, Brooklyn has undergone a renaissance of sorts. Some of New York’s most exciting food is in Brooklyn, and while always an amazingly special place, Brooklyn has become that place whose inhabitants, natives and transplants alike simply never want to leave! From great restaurants to excellent cheese shops and other specialty food shops, Brooklyn is a foodie paradise. What has been missing though, is the Smoked Fish and Appetizing shop of old. Speaking to people around the brownstone Brooklyn, it became clear that like us, they were hankering for appetizing, but sick of having to schlep to Manhattan to get it. So, we are so excited to bring Shelsky’s Smoked Fish to Carroll Gardens. Shelsky’s is a New-Brooklyn, updated nod to the traditional smoked fish and appetizing shops that dotted the Lower East Side and Brooklyn decades ago. We are thrilled to be here, and look forward to seeing you in our shop.