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Rose Water is a seasonal American restaurant with a commitment to working with as much local, regional, organic, and sustainably raised foods as the season will allow. Owner John Tucker opened Rose Water in August, 2000 with the hope that there was a hunger in the wilds of Brooklyn for a restaurant devoted to Seasonal American cooking with ingredients from regional family farms. Thankfully, that hunger did exist, and it still does. John cut his teeth at Savoy in SoHo. Chef/owner Peter Hoffman had much to teach and John seems to have been paying attention, at least some of the time. Chef Bret Macris comes to us from Southern California where he spent many years at LA's famed Campanile as Chef de Cuisine. He shares our commitment to seasonality and sustainability, and it's reflected in his cooking - he works at enhancing the flavors of the great products that he sources, making certain not to overwhlem them.


  • Rose Water Feb 09

    We’re open for Brunch 9.30-3 and Dinner 5.30-11. Come on down!

  • Rose Water Feb 08

    Find Nemo at RW: Fluke and Tuna are on the menu tonight! (We’re from Michigan and Minnesota – we eat a foot of snow for breakfast!)

  • Rose Water Jan 02

    ”We must figure out a way to un-invent this food system. It’s been a major contributor to climate change, spawned the obesity crisis, poisoned countless volumes of land and water, wasted energy, tortured billions of animals… I could go on. The point is that “sustainability” is not only possible but essential: only by saving the earth can we save ourselves, and vice versa.”

    Essential reading from Mark Bittman. We hope you’ll join us in working toward solutions in 2013.

  • Rose Water May 18

    It’s Farm Bill time again, and if we care about food we should make our voices heard. Here’s a link to make comments to the House Ag Committee, and here’s some talking points from Slow Food that you can reference or paste…

  • Rose Water Apr 05

    First ramps of the season – woohoo!

  • Rose Water Apr 03

    Final tally: you generous DIB’ers left $703 for Unicef’s Tap Project, and we’re matching every dollar, so we just sent them $1,406. Thank you!

  • Rose Water Mar 02

    Dine In BK is back – March 19th to 29th! $25 three course menu with choices. Reservation book is now open!

  • Rose Water Jan 25

    Mmmmm, Brussels Sprouts good

  • Rose Water Jan 11

    V-day reservation book is open! Four courses, with choices, $75.

  • Rose Water Dec 16

    New to the beer list tonight…Evil Twin’s ”Christmas Eve in a New York City Hotel Room.” Imperial Stout. Black magic.

  • Rose Water Oct 20

    Big food spends billions annually to convince us that that their poison is good for us. Perhaps the best push back against that kind of money is to take them to task in the street. Be there if you can.

    Occupy Big Food – Zucottin Park, Saturday, October 29th at 1pm

  • Rose Water Oct 16

    It’s Cider Week! We love fermented apple and pear juice, and you should, too. All week we’re serving flat and fizzy, American and French, by the glass and by the bottle, a la carte and as part of our prix fixe menus. Come find out why cider was early-America’s favorite drink.

  • Rose Water Oct 12

    Tonight’s special app – Sauteéd Heritage Pig Cheeks with Fried Pumpkin, Shiitakes and Chile Aioli. The bad news is that one pig equals two orders of cheeks, so you better get down here quick!

  • Rose Water Sep 25

    You can support NY farmers by eating out today…