Raindance Organic Farm Delivery Club

Raindance Organic Farm: A little bit about us: The food chain on our farm is nice and simple. The shimmering green pasture plants capture solar energy to nourish our cows. The cows are the only food chain step between the grass and the milk; thus the name Sun Cheese. The synergy between the cow and her natural diet produces what I consider a health food; milk with at least twice the concentration of a cancer preventing fatty acid called CLA and also a better ratio of omega 3 to 6 than is found in milk from typical American farms that use a lot of corn silage and grain. We use a full fat recipe so you can take it in moderation and still garner the benefits of the healthy fatty acids. Our Philosphy: The Raindance way: We go out of our way to be good stewards of the land. The process of allowing our cows to graze in a serious manner creates pulsing root mass growth in the grasses that increases the organic matter in the soil and takes carbon from the air and incorporates it in the soil for increased fertility the natural way. Our 80 cows currently graze 250 acres of carbon sequestering perennial pasture. Our cows calve in the spring to be in sync with nature and this simple practice saves gallons of diesel fuel when part of a grazing system. The cows harvest the majority of their feed as fresh grass when grazing on our farm. The majority of big farms in this country use tractors and diesel fuel to do this work. We think in the future, with dwindling fossil fuel supplies; small sustainable grazing farms will be more efficient than the mega farms. In fact, we think sustainable farming makes sense today though it is hard for us to compete with the heavily subsidized corn based farms. Our Mission Statement: The mission of our family is to live well while growing food for our neighbors, with the least harm to the natural world we are all a part of. Raindance Farm Delivery Club: So Raindance Organic Farm is a small operation in Schenevus, New York-the dream of Queens born farmer Siobhan Griffin. How it works: Siobhan makes a monthly run to Brooklyn to deliver her delicious and sustainably raised products to folks who've emailed her their orders in advance. She makes two stops - one in Bay Ridge and one in Park Slope. It's not a CSA - you don't pay upfront and get a bunch of whatever's fresh right now. We call it a 'delivery club' - no obligations, you just order what you want for that month's delivery. To find out what's available this month - www.RaindanceDeliveryClub.com. If you want to check out the farm and order some goodies Park Slope Order * email your selections to Siobhan Griffin (farmer) -Raindance@baka.com no later than Thursday *cc me on the email (KathleenMcCullagh@gmail.com) *be sure to include your emergency contact number *specify that you are ordering for Park Slope *and wait for a confirmation email! *Then just show up on the delivery date, between 11 am and noon in the parking lot of Memorial Baptist Church on 8th Avenue and 16th Street. Bay Ridge Order: * review the product list and email your selections to Siobhan Griffin (farmer) at Raindance@baka.com no later than 3 days prior to the delivery *cc Hannah on the email (Hannah@EarthBodyBalance.com) *be sure to include your emergency contact number *specify that you are ordering for Bay Ridge *and wait for a confirmation email! *Then just show up to the delivery (on the earlier rather than later side if you can). 545 94th St., Bay Ridge (Brooklyn) There is no minimum order amount or additional fees. Even better, all total combined club orders for each location will receive a discount -- over $500 will receive 5% off, $1000 will receive 10% off, etc. -- so TELL YOUR FRIENDS! A note about organic certification: Siobhan uses organic practices with all her animals and farming methods, and strives to be environmentally conscious and humane in everything she does. Her products are truly top quality, good for the environment, soil health, the well-being of the animals, and the health of the consumers. Certain of her products are labeled CERTIFIED ORGANIC with an accordingly slightly higher price; all products, whether they carry this certification or not, are raised and produced according to her strict standards. Siobhan's local butcher is not certified organic, which means that cows from her organic herd cannot be labeled certified organic if they are processed here; she must travel several hours to reach a certified organic butcher. Please keep this in mind when making your purchasing decisions. A word about grass-fed meat: Siobhan is working hard to develop a cattle herd that produces a tender meat on a diet of 100% grass. She is phasing out certain breeds that are not as tender and is now focusing her efforts on the Devon breed. For this reason we think that you will be very satisfied with the meats she offers; however, if you need assistance with cooking grass-fed meat for the first time we recommend The Grassfed Gourmet, by Shannon Hayes. Siobhan is now offering all three of Shannon Hayes's books for sale. Prices: All prices listed are per pound unless specified otherwise: Certified organic pastured "rainbow" eggs (medium size) ---> $5.00/dozen Limit 3 dozen per household for 3/10 delivery. Reserve yours by email when you place your order. Organic “Sun” cheese – Asiago Vecchio, made in the Italian Alpine tradition. A rich flavorful yellow cheese made using raw milk from cows eating rapidly-growing green summer grass for the best flavor and nutrition. You may order any size you like (half-pound, quarter-pound, etc.). Aged 18 months. Sun cheese - $18.50/lb. Certified organic beef (Certified by NOFA-NY - from organic herd, processed at certified organic butcher) Ground beef $6.99 Tenderloin fillets $17.99 Chorizo sausage $7.99 (no nitrates) Smoked Chorizo sausage $8.99 (no nitrates) Minute steaks $10.99 (very thinly-sliced steak meat) Andouille sausage $7.99 (no nitrates) Smoked Andouille sausage $8.99 (no nitrates) Stew beef $7.50 Hot Italian sausage $7.99 Sweet Italian sausage $7.99 Liver $5.99 Hot dogs $8.99 Meaty soup bones $3.00 Bones $1.00 Suet $.25 Pastured beef (cows from Siobhan's organic herd but processed at a local USDA inspected butcher who is not certified organic) Ground beef $5.99 Suet $0.25 Chorizo sausage links $6.99 Italian sausage $6.99 Beef heart or tongue $3.99 Beef bones $1.50 Rib-eye steak $15.99 Sirloin steak $10.99 Liver $4.99 Delmonico steak $16.99 T-bone steak $14.99 Porterhouse steak $16.99 Great Heights Farm certified organic chicken (tender 2.8-4.0 lb birds harvested last week and flash-frozen, raised on fresh pasture daily in Salatin-style moveable chicken pens; also fed non-GMO certified organic grains) 5.50/lb  Raindance Farm certified organic pork (pastured, whey-fed, and delicious!) Sold Out Raindance Farm pork (organically raised, but not certified. These hogs were bought locally at 3 weeks old and raised organically on pasture with certified organic non-GMO grains and whey from our creamery. No-nitrate smoking for most of the products.) Pork ribs $6.99 Pork loin chops (boneless) $9.99 Cottage bacon $10.99 (no nitrates) Pork bones $0.50 Liver, heart or kidney $1.50 Pork fat (raw) $0.50 Ham roast $7.99 (no nitrates; these hams are small and boneless) Kielbasa sausage $7.99 Andouille sausage $7.99 Chorizo sausage $7.99 Real Maple Gifts - from Bucks Maple Barn Maple leaf filled with syrup $6.00 Maple sugar (small) $5.00 Maple sugar (medium) $7.00 Maple cream $10.00 Books by Shannon Hayes, upstate NY farmer and writer/activist -Radical Homemakers: Reclaiming Domesticity from a Consumer Culture - $18 -The Grassfed Gourmet - $22 SPECIAL NOTICE: Siobhan would like to open community-based delivery sites throughout New York City, particularly in Brooklyn and Manhattan, for Raindance Organic Farm products. Each club will be independent and operated by a volunteer coordinator who arranges deliveries with club members and with Siobhan Griffin (Raindance Organic Farm owner and operator). Each volunteer coordinator receives generous discounts on delicious groceries from the farm, and has the opportunity to promote local food and good nutrition in their community. Please contact Hannah@EarthBodyBalance.com if you are interested in setting up a club in your neighborhood. Siobhan will begin deliveries to your group with a minimum of just $50 in orders!


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