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The essence of Filipino food has always remained somewhat secluded in the family kitchens of Filipino homes, passed down through the generations, melding native traditions with those of Chinese, Spanish, and American cuisines. At Ditmas Park’s Purple Yam restaurant, Amy Besa and Romy Dorotan present a fascinating look at Filipino cuisine.


  • Purple Yam Dec 22

    For those of you looking for a Christmas Day fix, we are open on Christmas Day, Dec 25 from 12 noon – 8 pm. Tapsilog, tocilog and the famous ham platter with garlic fried rice and eggs.

  • Purple Yam Jun 24

    Some cool things that Chef Romy Dorotan can do for you: a frozen halo halo gone mad: watermelon lime ice with passionfruit sorbet, avocado ice cream with blueberries, melon, macapuno, kaong, nata de coco & whatever he thinks of at the moment.

  • Purple Yam Jun 16

    One more special drink concocted by Chef Romy for Father’s Day: Sake with Rhubarb and Strawberry in crushed ice.

  • Purple Yam Apr 07

    looking forward to Dekalb Mkt OPENING DAY today w pork adobo ribs, kimchi fried rice, buko pie

  • Purple Yam Mar 28

    Cold snap with a bit of drizzle today. Pork chop inasal with noodles in broth was the perfect antidote.

  • Purple Yam Mar 26

    Got our red wattle ham order confirmed from Heritage Foods USA for Easter. Looking forward to our red wattle ham platter with fried egg and sweet potato and taro gratin.

  • Purple Yam Mar 11

    Bulgogi burger at PY: first class beef from Pat La Frieda then put some pear juice, soy sauce, sesame oil, minced shallots, ginger, scallions for the bulgogi burger. Romy tried the challah roll but will experiment w his own sourdough bread instead. Served with buttermilk onion rings and garlic cukes.

  • Purple Yam Feb 29

    Romy finds great seafood treasures from our fishmonger every Sunday at the green market across Purple Yam on Cortelyou Rd. He made a turmeric-kaffir lime & coconut milk noodle soup with Chinese broccoli and snails from Peconic Bay.

  • Purple Yam Feb 05

    superbowlspecials: jonah crabs from long island with burnt coconut cream & chilis; PY chicken pak pak with amantai farm clover honey; newton pippin apple tart with bardwell farm cow’s milk cheesw ice cream. gogiANTSgo!

  • Purple Yam Feb 03

    caramel smoked baby chickens & fresh oysters for Valentine’s Day at PY. LOVE to see all of you! http://bit.ly/Aj342p

  • Purple Yam Jan 16

    bunsforthewaterdragon: cuapao with kian’s red pork belly ( berkshire, rocksugar caramel, star anise, soy sauce, garlic & scallion).

  • Purple Yam Dec 27

    OK, here is our New Year’s Eve menu, a la carte. Great menu from Chef Romy Dorotan. We are going to get oysters from Walrus and Carpenter Oysters CSA which will be delivered to Manhattan from RI only on certain days. Best oysters in the Northeast! Plus a reprise of the Duroc Lechon Pork Belly, the Pork Osso Buco, grilled peppered squab, Chocolate Souffle and great Champagnes! Come!

  • Purple Yam Dec 24

    The Day after Christmas Treat: How about tasting authentic regional Indonesian dishes at Purple Yam? Once in a lifetime opportunity to taste the cooking of our friend, Ratih Norjono who is in Brooklyn for a short visit so guess what, we are making her cook so that we can share the dishes of her country to all of us.

  • Purple Yam Dec 21

    Thank you Nick Fox, Deputy Food Editor of the New York Times Dining Section for writing about his fave Noche Buena dish: our Beef Shortrib Adobo recipe from Memories of Philippine Kitchens (#7 here). Incidentally, our editor, Marisa Bulzone (Italian American) says she cooks that all the time and everyone, just like Nick, requests that dish all the time, Merry Christmas indeed!

  • Purple Yam Dec 20

    Memories of Philippine Kitchens, a really unique and wonderful book, makes a great Christmas gift to friends and relatives. Available at Amazon, B&N and also at Purple Yam.

  • Purple Yam Dec 17

    Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you come and help us eat the Red Wattle Christmas ham for us. Simmered in pineapple juice and rum and then caramelized in sugar and butter….

  • Purple Yam Dec 15

    Brooklyn Night Bazaar is happening tomorrow, Thursday until Sat, Dec 15 -17. Purple Yam will be there with some goodies, so come visit us in Williamsburg. Pork sparerib adobo, noritaco with kimchi fried rice and beef tapa, champorrado, pineapple bread pudding.

  • Purple Yam Dec 14

    So grateful to cookingmama76 for posting a video on how to make puto bumbong. The puto bumbong is the ultimate Christmas treat in the Philippines — that is, if you get a good one which would be elusive. The REAL puto bumbong is made with pirurutong or black rice, but that is near extinct. So we used black diket rice from Ifugao rice terraces and it is really delicious. Join us for Noche Buena or Christmas Day. http://www.purpleyamnyc.com/puto-bumbong-for-noche-buena-at-purple-yam/

  • Purple Yam Nov 29

    Planning Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve menus which we will be doing a la carte this year to give people more choices. Yes, we will be open both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day brunch and dinner starting at 11 am. Lots of special silog dishes for both days. Will be posting pics and dishes soon.

  • Purple Yam Nov 21

    This year no turkey, but we have heritage pork and partridge. Hope you come visit us soon! http://www.purpleyamnyc.com/heritage-pork-partridge-for-thanksgiving-purple-yam/

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