Parish Hall

Exploring the possibility of northeast regional cuisine.


  • Parish Hall May 23

    Curious about Slow Food USA? Come meet some snails at their informal bi-monthly gathering here, June 5 from 7-9.

    We’ll be extending our regular cocktail hour throughout the evening, so you can drink fast and spend slow while you chat up the leaders of the New York chapter of this world-changing movement.

  • Parish Hall May 23

    We looked high and low for the right chair for Parish Hall’s dining room, and we couldn’t find anything. The chairs we found were either beautiful and prohibitively expensive, or affordable and boring (or worse).

    Our designer, Joseph Foglia, introduced us to a friend of his, Marc Pfeffer, a woodworker with a shop in New Hope, Pennsylvania–a town with a storied woodworking legacy. Marc came up with a design, based on an American classic (the Gunlocke) and a French modern (the Prouvé) that met all our hopes for a chair. They’re simultaneously elegant and durable, modest and ambitious.

    Come have a seat in them. Our back dining room is filled with them, and you can reserve one through Open Table:

  • Parish Hall May 22

    Cocktail Hour! $4 drafts from Stoudts Brewing Company, Sixpoint, The Brooklyn Brewery, & Cisco Brewers Nantucket, plus Montauk Pearl oysters, Carolina Gold Rice and country ham fritters, a full board of Saxelby Cheesemongers cheeses, and our soon-to-be-infamous cocktail list.

  • Parish Hall May 22

    That’s your stomach rumbling, not the train rolling underfoot. For #lunch: porchetta sandwich w/@Ravenandboar pork & pickled green tomatoes.

  • Parish Hall May 21

    Want a great cooking job? We’ve got one for you: join our kitchen team!

  • Parish Hall May 20

    You only get once chance a week to do Sunday brunch right. Allow Me To Clarify, Red Flannel Hash, Slide Mountain Breakfast.

  • Parish Hall May 19

    We’re open at 10 today for brunch: Johnny cakes, Bklyn Roasting coffee, smoked trout hash, and, true to our pedigree, excellent eggs.

  • Parish Hall May 18

    If you can squeak past the bomb squad on Bedford we’ve got a delicious lunch waiting for you….

  • Parish Hall May 18

    Imagine spending this beautiful morning wandering the woods for fiddleheads & wild greens & you’ll get an idea of why we do this crazy work

    Morning forage off to a pretty good start

  • Parish Hall May 18

    Dinnertime! Country ham & rice fritters, lamb tartare, Seato Table golden tilefish & spring succotash, Raven and Boar pork 3 ways

  • Parish Hall May 17

    The afternoon sun smiles kindly on those who have a beer at lunch. You’ll smile too w/a pressed steak sandwich & a sixpoint in your belly.

  • Parish Hall May 16

    To celebrate our first reviews & the impending opening of our full dining room, we proudly present: The Parish Hall Cocktail Hour!

  • Parish Hall May 16

    Don’t let the TJ Maxx ad they’re shooting out front deter you from coming in for lunch today! Even Rupert Murdoch likes it!

  • Parish Hall May 15

    Come see us for dinner! We’ve got a new parsnip & onion dish with cattails & smoked trout broth, plus great drinks & good moods to share…

  • Parish Hall May 15

    It’s not *that* bad out–come spend a rainy spring afternoon in our window seat w/a pint of Sixpoint Resin and a plate of SaxelbyCheese.

  • Parish Hall May 14

    Thinking about lunch? Think about an asparagus salad w/green garlic & Cabot clothbound cheddar. Or a roast quail.

  • Parish Hall May 12

    Need a break from all this sun? A Jack Shelby–applejack, Blenheim’s, & lemon–will cool your heels & set you straight.

  • Parish Hall May 11

    Get ready for the weekend with a pressed prime rib sandwich with Berkshire Blue Cheese or Roast pork and cracklin with pork jus mayo. A side of asparagus or dressed eggs would be a nice touch, too.

  • Parish Hall May 09

    Every afternoon from 4-6: oysters, cheese, & a full bar menu to hold you until dinner. Plus great bklnroasting coffee & 6 beers on tap.

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