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My Friend's Mustard is whole grain beer mustard from Brooklyn. My Friend's Mustard is made by hand. Made in Brooklyn. Made with Sixpoint Craft Ales. Made to make tasty stuff even tastier. The My Friend's Mustard mission is to satisfy Brooklyn's (and the rest of the world's) appetite for delicious whole grain beer mustard. Mustard is the one of the greatest condiments in the world...My Friend's Mustard is here make it even better. We currently have three varieties - Jalapeño IPA Mustard: Made with Sixpoint Bengali Tiger IPA, pickled jalapeños, and a unique blend of spices with a kick! Spicy Brown Ale Mustard: Made with Sixpoint Brownstone brown ale and a warm spice blend with a hint of brown sugar sweetness. Rye Ale Mustard: An earthy whole grain mustard made with Sixpoint Righteous Rye Ale, caraway and dried currants. You can find My Friend's Mustard at shops throughout the city and beyond. For a full list of locations, or to order mustard, see our website at


  • Get your butts out to The Gutter on Wednesday May 9th to witness the comedic genius that is Arty Need drink Victory Beer, and eat some My Friend’s Mustard and pretzels.

  • What did you say you’re doing tonight? Going to the My Friend’s Mustard Anniversary party at The Gutter tonight at 7pm? Yeah, that’s what I thought you said but I was just checking.

  • My Friend’s Mustard will be making a guest appearance at tonight’s Learning to Beer & Bourbon with Sixpoint at Idle Hands 7pm! Check out the details on their site.

  • Hey people! If My Friend’s Mustard threw a one year anniversary party in somewhere in north Brooklyn with beer, mustard, meat, cheese and killer music, you’d be there, right? Details to follow soon…

  • MFM deviled eggs! In the filling: yolk, mayo, MFM Jalapeno IPA Mustard, yellow mustard (gasp!), hot paprika, salt, black pepper. DO IT!