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We are home brewers of small batches of kombucha using a special medicinal process and blend and bottling the unfiltered goodness. Ruth Patras, the original Mombucha guru mama, is the where this whole thing started. She drew up some beautifully illustrated instructions and blessed my mom with a culture. My mom, Barbara Robbins, “sparked me the booch” and I’ve been brewing it ever since. Ruth’s been keeping her daughter alive with the stuff; in fact, here’s her story. To us, this is more than a tasty, albeit pungent, beverage… it’s medicine. We recommend you sip no more than 4 ounces of Mombucha Ruth’s Blend (or any other flavor) per day unless you’re coming down with something, in which case you should drink 4 ounces every three hours. We recommend you also drink our raw kombucha tea on an empty stomach as it may cause indigestion if you just ate. Remember, Mombucha is the real raw thing and should not be guzzled like the stuff you buy in stores. I know it’s tasty but try diluting it to stretch it out or, if you can muster it, use some restraint. We’ll bike you over a bottle if you email us: Mombucha Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY 11222

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    GFM, 2010.

  • Mamalabucha! Where have I been my whole life??? Gotta tell ya folks, opening up a community kitchen ain’t like shootin’ fish in a barrel. But never fear, home-delivered Mombucha is near. Got some new flavy flaves poppin’ for next week… Karamel, Blackberry… and… Strongberry (fresh strawberry syrup from Red Jacket Orchards and white tea). Zombucha.