Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op CSA

What is Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative? Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative (LFFC) is a non-profit organic farmers cooperative of 75+ small-scale, Certified Organic family farms in Lancaster County, PA. We focus on creating healthy, quality food from our highly maintained and enriched soils. Are LFFC member farms Certified Organic? Yes, LFFC member farms are 100% Certified Organic. Each farm keeps meticulous records of all activities on Certified Organic land, from weed control to seed suppliers and compost methods. We have very strict standards here at LFFC. Our farmers are constantly building up soil, testing plants, and consistently maintaining a healthy environment for our products. What is CSA? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a vegetable subscription program wherein individuals and families can purchase a weekly share of the harvest, sharing the intrinsic risks and benefits of small-scale organic farming. CSA members pay for their shares in the winter and early spring, and receive produce through the fall. What is CSM? CSM stands for Community Supported Medicine. The model was created by LFFC member farm Lancaster Farmacy. Similar to CSA, it is a subscription program for individuals and families to purchase a weekly share of the harvest. CSM shareholders pay for their shares in the winter and early spring, and receive local, organic medicinal herbs and prepared herbal products through the fall. What will I receive in my share? CSA shares are delivered on a weekly basis, and share contents are based on what is in season and available from our farmers. In May and June the shares are very light, filled with lots of greens, mushrooms, radishes, and spring onions. In July, August, September, and October the shares are much heavier, bursting with cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, and squash. In November, production slows and cool-weather crops like winter squash, cooking greens, lettuce, and root vegetables prepare us and our pantries for winter. How much food will I get? In the Full Vegetable Share, you can expect to receive 7 to 12 varieties of vegetables per week. We recommend the Full Vegetable Share to families and culinary enthusiasts. In the Half Vegetable Share, you can expect to receive 4 to 9 varieties of vegetables per week. We recommend the Half Vegetable Share for students and small households. Will fruit be included? When abundant, fruit will be included in Vegetable Full Shares. We also offer a fruit share, which consists of one to two varieties of seasonal fruit or valued-added products each week. LFFC member farmers grow berries as well as heirloom melon varieties. LFFC sources other varieties of fruits, such as apples, apricots, peaches, pears, etc. from local farms that are Certified Organic, chemical free, or use IPM methods. What is IPM? In this region, tree fruit is extremely difficult to grow organically. Some of the fruit that you will find in your fruit share is grown using IPM methods. IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management, an environmentally sensitive method of pest management that combines actions that prevent pest problems, such as rotating between crops or planting beneficial crops, with actions that control pest populations, such as trapping or weeding. Chemical treatments are used as a last resort. We will always tell you when an item of fruit is grown using this method. How does the price of a CSA share compare to shopping at the grocery store? Conventionally grown produce that is available at the grocery store is sometimes less expensive than purchasing Certified Organic produce from LFFC. However, there are many "hidden costs" associated with conventionally grown produce. This produce is heavily treated with chemicals and increasingly genetically modified, negatively affecting our environment and our health. Certified Organic produce that is available at the grocery store is far more expensive than purchasing Certified Organic produce from LFFC. This produce is often marked up 50 to 150%, and much of it isn't even local! Because the CSA model connects consumers directly with farmers. the price of each item in a share is comparable to wholesale pricing. Can I pay for my CSA share in installments? Yes, payment plans are available upon request. Please email the CSA Team for more information. How will I know what is included in my share each week? Transparency is very important to us here at LFFC. Each week, on the morning of your share delivery, you will receive an email detailing each item of Certified Organic produce in your share, including the name of the farm that grew it! Will I know what will be included in my share in advance? Yes, 2-4 days before delivery you will receive a "CSA Shopping List," containing a prediction of your share contents for the week. This list may change slightly due to crop shortages, but it will give you a general idea of what to expect. How will I know what day and time the pick-up is at the location I've selected? You will not know the exact day and time of pick-up until very close to the start of the summer CSA season. This is because our route planning is based heavily on the number of participants at each of our pick-up locations. When the day and time is determined, we will send an e-mail notification to our membership, and post the information on our website. You will also receive a member handbook detailing everything you'll need to know prior to your first pick-up day of the season. We do recognize that this can be difficult in terms of scheduling, and we will work to provide this information as soon as possible. We certainly appreciate any patience that can be afforded as we work to communicate this information to all of our members. Please note that if the pick up day and time does not suit your schedule, you will be eligible to switch to a more convenient pick-up location or refunded your payment in full. Are recipes provided? Absolutely! New recipes will go out each week in our CSA newsletter, Focus on Family. Our Vegetable Field Guide is also a great resource that contains vegetable identification, storage information, as well as recipes from LFFC farmers, staff, CSA site hosts, and wholesale customers. Shareholders also have the opportunity to share recipes on the LFFC CSA Recipe Group Blog. What happens to my share when I go on vacation? We ask shareholders who are on vacation to find a family member or friend to pick up in your absence and to please let your site host know to expect a new face. If you are unable to find someone to pick up your share, your share will be donated at the end of the evening at the site host's discretion. Are there opportunities to visit LFFC farms? During the summer and early fall, LFFC will offer several opportunities to visit an LFFC member farm. Shareholders will have the chance to tour the farm, share a meal with LFFC farmers and staff members, and enjoy Lancaster County's beautiful rural landscape. What is the Fall Extension Share? Depending on location, the Fall Extension Share is a six to eight week extension to the 2011 CSA Season. The Fall Extension Share will contain items such as root vegetables, storage onions, herbs, winter squash, and more! More information will be available about the Fall Extension Share in September of 2011. How do I purchase additional items from LFFC farmers? Our Four Season Harvest buying club allows CSA shareholders the option to purchase humanely raised pastured animal products, prepared items, and baked goods. Orders are delivered weekly with CSA shares. For more information, click here. Sounds Great! How do I sign up? Please visit our Sign Up For 2012! page. Payment can be made by check, money order, credit card, or direct bank transfer. WHY CSA? By choosing to participate in our Community Supported Agriculture program, you make a very powerful commitment to purchase Certified Organic produce that positively impacts our local economy, personal health, and planet. Here are some of the many reasons that it makes sense to participate: SUPPORT FAMILY FARMS The CSA model helps to keep organic farming a viable way of life for small-scale family farms that are increasingly threatened by agribusiness. LFFC member farmers farm an average of five acres. CARRY ON A TRADITION Farming is a tradition in many Lancaster County families, and has been inherited by the majority of LFFC member farmers. By purchasing a CSA share, you ensure that this rich tradition can be passed on to future generations. It's a great legacy. SUPPORT SUSTAINABLE FARMING PRACTICES LFFC member farms are 100% Certified Organic. We pride ourselves on our strict standards, excellent records of all activities on the land, and our highly maintained and enriched soil. EAT HEALTHY Our produce is some of the most nutrient-dense that Lancaster County has to offer! By purchasing a CSA share, you ensure that you and family make a commitment to consuming fresh, local Certified Organic vegetables for up to 33 weeks out of the year. Increasing your daily intake of fresh produce is proven to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and Type II Diabetes, as well as providing you with a noticeable boost in energy. EAT SEASONALLY At the grocery store, all vegetables are fruits are made available to us at all times of the year. Our shareholders enjoy being reconnected with the tradition of eating vegetables and fruits when they are in season and at their freshest. EXPAND YOUR TASTE BUDS One of the benefits of joining a cooperative is that your CSA share is sure to be packed with variety, as each of our farmers enjoys growing unique heirloom vegetable and fruit varieties. Towards the end of the season, many of shareholders also confess that they've learned to love a vegetable or two that they may never have tried on their own. BUILD COMMUNITY Once a week, shareholders pick up their CSA shares at a convenient pick up location. Over the season, they meet neighbors, make friends, and develop relationships with one another. SAVE MONEY At the grocery store, Certified Organic produce is often marked up 50 to 150%, and much of it isn't even local! Because the CSA model connects consumers directly with farmers, the price of each item in a share is comparable to wholesale pricing. REDUCE YOUR FOOD MILES In the U.S., food travels an average of 1,500 miles from farm to plate, accounting for a large portion of the nation's total carbon emissions. Unlike the vegetables that you find in the grocery store, which are chemically treated to withstand weeks of travel time, the vegetables that you'll find in your CSA share are delivered 24-48 hours after harvesting. LFFC also delivers exclusively to areas within a 150 mile radius. REDUCE YOUR TRIPS TO THE GROCERY STORE Something that makes our CSA program unique is the option for shareholders to participate in Four Season Harvest, our online buying club. Through this program, CSA members can order additional items (such as milk, eggs, meat, etc.) to be delivered each week with their CSA shares! SUPPORT SUSTAINABLE, HUMANE ANIMAL HUSBANDRY PRACTICES Should you choose to purchase animal products through Four Season Harvest, you can be sure that LFFC is committed to the strictest animal husbandry practices. All animal products offered through the Co-op come from pastured, humanely-raised animals. DISTRIBUTION: Carroll Gardens specific site TBA Brooklyn, NY Pick-up day: TBA, likely Monday or Wednesday SHARESL Full Vegetable Share - $725.00 May – October, 25 Deliveries 7 to 12 Items Weekly If you want to experience the great diversity of vegetables available in the Mid-Atlantic region this is the share type for you. We love growing and experimenting with the more unique varieties and we hope that you are equally as enthusiastic. But don’t be mistaken, the cooking staples like onions, garlic, zucchini and tomatoes are just as exciting to us. Furthermore, our produce is more delicious than you can find in the store for two reasons – the Certified Organic methods we practice, and the quickness in which we deliver the produce to you. Why is organic more flavorful? Because when plants defend themselves from pests and climate (rather than depend on chemicals) they develop strong immunities – which translate into a robust array of vitamins and minerals. Those nutrients, once a plant is harvested, slowly diminish. Since we deliver the produce within a day or so of harvest, the nutrients will be at their peak availability. Suitable for families and culinary enthusiasts. Half Vegetable Share - $450.00 May – October, 25 Deliveries 4 to 9 Items Weekly The Half Vegetable share was created to strike a balance for those who typically cook two or three times a week and those who prefer the traditional kitchen staples. These items are the same size and quality as what is included in the Full Share. There’s only one difference: the quantity. Each week brings 4 – 9 types of produce including lettuce, cabbage, onions, beets, tomatoes, cucumbers and potatoes. Suitable for small households and students. Fruit Share - $200.00 June – October, 22 Deliveries 2-3 Items, Weekly Every month has its fruit and you will discover all the many varieties summer conjures. Early season favorites include strawberries, blueberries and cherries. As the summer turns hot and dry the climate is primed for watermelons and cantaloupes. When we approach autumn, pears and apples will be coming in by the bushel. We source the fruit from our member farms, as well as local and regional partners. All fruit is either Certified Organic or raised using the environmentally sensitive IPM (Integrated Pest Management) standard. Occasionally, when production is low, the fruit share includes jams, ciders and fruit butters – all crafted locally. Full Share - $100.00 May – October, 25 Deliveries 1 Dozen, Certified Organic, Brown Pastured Chicken Eggs Weekly Half Share - $50.00 May – October, 12 Deliveries 1 Dozen, Certified Organic, Brown Pastured Chicken Eggs Bi-Weekly Flower Share - $260.00 June – October, 20 Deliveries 1 Bouquet, Weekly The beauty of summer blooms in bright colors and delightful scents. Bouquets are assembled at several of our member farms using fresh cut flowers. Varieties include but are not limited to: Echinacea, Zinnia, Celosia, Mexican Sage and Golden Rod. A perfect addition to your living environment. Community Supported Medicine Share CSM Share - $180.00 May – October, 12 Deliveries 2-3 Items, Bi-Weekly Each share will contain two to three fresh herbs and/or prepared products. Shares will also include information about the plants, along with medicinal usages and remedies for keeping you and your family healthy throughout the year. Items in shares will vary with the seasons. In the summer, shares will include several bunches of fresh herbs with recipes for making beneficial teas with herbs like chamomile for calming, lemon balm for energy, and hyssop for colds. Later in the fall when our harvest is slowing down, you will receive prepared medicinal products to expand your herbal medicine cabinet with things like tinctures for boosting immunity, tonics for aiding digestion, salves and oils for all purpose skin healing and herb infused bath salts for relaxing aching muscles. Full Vegetable Share - $235.00 November - December, 8 Deliveries 7 to 12 Items Weekly Eight weekly deliveries of 7-12 Certified Organic seasonal items, beginning the week of October 31. The fall harvest includes hearty cooking greens, winter squash, and storage vegetables for your winter pantry. The full share is suitable for families and cooking enthusiasts and is a great way to share local food on your holiday table! Half Vegetable Share - $150.00 November - December, 8 Deliveries 4 to 9 Items Weekly Eight weekly deliveries of 4-9 Certified Organic items, beginning the week of October 31. The half share will feature a smaller selection of local seasonal produce. Half shares are perfect for anyone seeking simple, fresh ingredients for preparing fall meals. 2012 WINTER PANTRY SHARE The Winter Pantry Share is closed for registraton. Please see below for what was offered in 2012 and keep us in mind for next year's winter season.