the world doesn’t need sriracha. the world needs people who give a damn: about their bodies, about the environment, about each other. i made jojo’s because the products i find on the shelf don’t seem to give a damn about me. i made jojo’s because i love myself. this is just my way of sharing my love with you…


  • Jojo's Jan 18

    Batch releases tonight: Friday, January 18th at 7:30pm (EST) on Etsy:

    This year we will see more regular batch releases as Jojo’s grows.

    Thanks for all the love sriracha freaks!


  • Jojo's Dec 26


    While new batches of Jojo’s Sriracha ferments for the new year, I’m asking sriracha freaks to post their best, most creative, awesome, or funny photo of Jojo’s Sriracha (like Charles’ photo below of his brother’s mouth on fire!) – the WINNER will receive a FREE RESERVE BATCH of Jojo’s Sriracha made with my coveted Italian Roaster peppers. Post your photo through January 1st – the winner will be decided next week.

    So bust out your Jojo’s and get crackin’!

  • Jojo's Dec 19

    Tofu veggie Reuben with Jojo’s sriracha aioli and brooklyn brine maple bourbon pickles. mmm…

  • Jojo's Dec 11

    Hey sriracha freaks, don’t despair! I’m a tiny food producer with lots of hungry, sriracha lovin’ mouths to feed. I was put on this earth to make sriracha and that’s what I’m doing, one batch at a time.

    You are all amazing, awesome and supportive. Hang in there with me and I promise growth, more ease of purchase and lots of delightful flavors for your mouth….


  • Jojo's Dec 09

    Ok sriracha freaks! NEXT BATCH RELEASES this Tuesday, Dec. 11th at 1pm. Batch details to follow…

  • Jojo's Nov 29

    SPECIAL EDITION: Papa West Bourbon Barrel Sriracha!

    Our very first bourbon barrel fermented sriracha! This custom batch was created for none other than my dad Joe, affectionately nicknamed “Papa West” by my college rugby team.

    From the barrel of Finger Lakes Distillery in upstate New York comes a surprisingly sweet and sophisticated sriracha. We chose a handful of low profile chili peppers to make way for earthy goodness and bourbon deliciousness.

    Get yours now:

    Wanna see more funky fermentation in these barrels? Take a trip to Brooklyn Brine and get a whiff of their awesome Brinery in Gowanus on President St. between 3rd and 4th.

    Local Brooklyn artist Jenn DeWald captures this tribute to my dad by putting his name right smack on the barrel! For more of her art, check out her store on Etsy:

    We had our custom stamps created by Casey’s Rubber Stamps of the Lower East Side – they use Real Red Rubber and mount on Maple. We like how they roll.

  • Jojo's Nov 28

    NEXT CUSTOM BATCH RELEASE will be tomorrow, Thursday the 29th at 1pm (EST).

    These are limited quantity and first come, first serve. We will be rolling out batches all week so stay tuned!

    Thanks for all the love sriracha freaks!

  • Jojo's Nov 27

    I couldn’t be happier to unveil our very first CUSTOM batch of Jojo’s sriracha!

    Get yours now:

    Created in collaboration with Mary Rigdon her vision was for Jojo’s sriracha to taste like it took a trip to Mexico. A blend of red jalapenos, red serranos, scotch bonnetts and a splash of Trinidad scorpions (just to kick up the heat), you can expect bright, bangin’ flavors. WARNING: HOT!

    On the label is Senor Bobo – Mary & Thony’s beloved beagle. Local Brooklyn artist Jenn Dewald captures his love of both sombreros and chili peppers. For more of her art, check out her store on Etsy:

    We had our custom stamps created by Casey’s Rubber Stamps of the Lower East Side – they use Real Red Rubber and mount on Maple. We like how they roll and are happy to support them:

  • Jojo's Nov 23

    Hey sriracha freaks! Custom batch releases start Tuesday. Holy moly they’re gonna be great!

  • Jojo's Nov 13

    Whaaa, you wanted chocolate habaneros in your sriracha? Ok!

    Get it while it’s hot!

  • Jojo's Nov 06

    That’s right! Jojo’s sriracha is BACK! Thanks again to everyone who contributed to the lucky ant campaign and got me the equipment I needed for a productive season.

    Now get on Etsy and buy some!

  • Jojo's Nov 02

    Help small businesses get back on their feet…

  • Jojo's Oct 20

    Come on down to the Ploughman today in Park Slope
    4-7pm for a tasting of Jojo’s sriracha, beer and cheese! Does it get any better?!

    If you were a Lucky Ant contributor, you can pick up your jar!

  • Jojo's Oct 10

    Showing Food, Inc. to my college students is always a joy.

    They said it should be rated R, not PG. I asked them, ”Do you think it’s a problem that a movie about where our food comes from should be rated R?”

  • Jojo's Sep 07

    HUUUUUGE THANK YOU to everyone who made Jojo’s sriracha campaign happen!

    I exceeded my goal by over $1,000!

    I will be reaching out to people via email when the sriracha is ready and also contacting those that requested shipping.

    Special thanks to Lucky Ant, Carla Stangenberg & Ramit Kreitner of JAYA YOGA CENTER, Justin at Beer Table, Alice at The Ploughman and Heidi Tickle of Tickle Sauce for connecting me to these fabulous people!

  • Jojo's Sep 03

    The ticker is running. LAST DAY to become a part of sriracha history.

    Thank you all for the utterly AMAZING support! You are my people…

  • Jojo's Sep 02

    This is it, ONLY ONE DAY LEFT!

    Huge thanks to everyone that has supported my project by funding, sharing and getting the word out.

  • Jojo's Aug 30

    This pretty much sums up how I’m feeling – honored to create something that I can give to the amazing people who continue to show me love and support…

    4 DAYS LEFT to become a part of this next step in the journey of Jojo’s sriracha!

  • Jojo's Aug 28

    Only $370 to go!!!

    I am so grateful for the TREMENDOUS support everyone has offered to help get me to my goal.

  • Jojo's Aug 27

    That’s right, just 7 DAYS LEFT until the end of the world! Well, at least until the end of Jojo’s sriracha campaign!

    Help me get there!

    DONATE NOW and get your sriracha, JAYA YOGA CENTER class, DINNER at Beer Table or custom batch!

    Please keep sharing with friends and family.

    Huge thanks to everyone who has donated and helped spread the word – we are SO close!!

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