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Note: Fatty Cue's Williamsburg location is closed for renovations. Fatty ‘Cue is an effort by a few of the members of the Fatty Crew to bring to Brooklyn a little Southeast Asian fermented funkiness and a whole helluva a lot of smoke. Local and humanely grown/raised/fished products are subjected to our unique flavorings, scrubbed and rubbed, perhaps dropped in a salty-sweet dip pool, and then lovingly treated to low temperature smoke “baths” all for your dining pleasure. Our goal is to balance quivering fatty morsels of deliciousness with bright citrus notes, fiery chili heat, rich fermented and briny washes and complex, unrefined, natural sweetness. Or, in a less obtuse manner, fun, tasty food! Our two Ole Hickory smokers are the main cooking elements in the restaurant, even providing the bar with many of their condiments. The music is always on. And, we all smell like sweet, local oak wood and booze…which is a nice smell.

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  • Fatty 'Cue Sep 07

    Have you ever tried goat? How about that ’CUE Smoked Goat Ragu Buttermilk Pappardelle? Or there’s a Dinner Special of Crispy lamb breast with pickled melon salad, anise hyssop, and bone jus. There are a few reservations left (for 4 at 6pm and 6 at 7pm)! http://instagr.am/p/PSbxsNtxeB/

  • Fatty 'Cue Sep 06

    What says lunch more than Nasi Ulam and Deep Fried Bacon for less than fifteen bones? http://instagr.am/p/PPPL5INxUH/

  • Fatty 'Cue Sep 05

    With the Smoked Brandt Beef Brisket you get all the amenities of shiso leaf and soft rolls! Or we have a dinner special of Crispy lamb breast with pickled melon salad, anise hyssop, and bone jus

  • Fatty 'Cue Sep 05

    Fatty ’CUE will be playing host in the FEAST OR FASHION Week! ’Cue up a special, seasonal, prix fixe dinner for the week of Fashion Week, September 6 – 13, 2012 in addition to your regular menu, CUEheads! http://ow.ly/dtViV

  • Fatty 'Cue Aug 27

    Ohio State Offers A Course On The Science Of Barbecue http://ow.ly/cWtWH

  • Fatty 'Cue Aug 26

    Fatty ’Cue
    Morning! Need a good brain soak?

    Which will it be: Bloody Mary or Watermelon Mimosa for brunch today? http://ow.ly/i/REtB

  • Fatty 'Cue Aug 24

    Hospitality! Today’s Fatty ’CUE Dinner Special of Miso cured Cucumbers with peanuts, red onion and chiles is GOOD! There a few reservations left too.

  • Fatty 'Cue Aug 24

    The brand spanking NEW Fatty ’CUE Blog presents: ”Wild & Weird Tales of Grilling” http://ow.ly/dbO4t

  • Fatty 'Cue Aug 23

    Hey yo! New Yorkers! Non-New Yorkers! If you’re thinking of a lunch salad with some serious attitude, the Fatty ’CUE has a Panzanella Salad with the freshest market vegetables used.

  • Fatty 'Cue Aug 22

    Smoke a Fatty… ’CUE Smoked Chicken BLT and cure those Lunch munchies!

  • Fatty 'Cue Aug 21

    Pour me that Capt. Lawrence Jack on tap, & I’ll have a Fatty ’CUE Dinner Special of Miso cured cucumbers, peanuts, red onion & chiles!

  • Fatty 'Cue Aug 21

    Have you tried smoked pineapple yuzu soda? Because this homemade specialty is intensely delicious, and lunch is near! http://ow.ly/i/QzAM

  • Fatty 'Cue Aug 20

    We’re smokin’ with the Fatty ’CUE 16oz Dry-aged Ribeye Steak like no other! And our Dinner Special is Miso cured Cucumbers with peanuts, red onion and chiles.

  • Fatty 'Cue Aug 19

    Do you feel special, ’CUEheads? Well our Dinner Special is Tomato Salad with kimchee, bush basil, citrus charcoal, and cubeb, and it is special!

  • Fatty 'Cue Aug 16

    Nasi Ulam & Deep Fried Bacon?! Is this the Power Lunch Combo or what? http://ow.ly/i/QJfQ Dave & Buster’s got nothing on this!

  • Fatty 'Cue Aug 16

    Zakary Pelaccio shows Carrie ideal and easy ways to EAT WITH YOUR HANDS on Big Morning Buzz on VH1. ’CUE the Video! http://ow.ly/d0IF5

    Who prefers to chomp on local foods?

  • Fatty 'Cue Aug 14

    Fatty ’CUE presents the essence of flavor: the ’Cue Dinner Special. Tonight we have Heirloom Tomato Salad with kimchee, bush basil, citrus charcoal, and cubeb. There are a few open Tables, so don’t be left outside, ’CUE Crew! You like? http://instagr.am/p/OUj-f3Nxax/

  • Fatty 'Cue Aug 13

    ’CUE the Dinner Special: today we have a heirloom tomato salad with kimchee, bush basil, citrus charcoal, and cubeb [pictured], and we also have Vegetable Tagliatelle (pasta), and Cured Tasmanian Salmon.

    There are still a few open reservations -we have 3 two tops early at 6, a couple of four tops at 7:30, and a six top for 9pm- so don’t be left out in the heat hungry! http://ow.ly/i/QAHP

  • Fatty 'Cue Aug 13

    Morning! Be healthy, ’CUEhead’s! The weekend is over. Chow down on Maple Bacon Granola http://ow.ly/cVCXH Yum!

  • Fatty 'Cue Aug 12

    Need a good brunch drink? Go to Fatty ‘Cue http://ow.ly/cGymN Go! NOW!

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