Eldert Street CSA

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Eldert Street CSA is a Mutually beneficial partnership between Nolasco Farm in Andover, NJ and the Bushwick community. CSA members purchase a "Share" of the farms harvest at the beginning of the season, providing a stable and secure financial base for our farmer, and in return members receive a weekly share of the farm's bounty, as well as the satisfaction gained from supporting and knowing your local farmers! Weekly from June through October, Nolasco Farm will deliver shares of their harvest to the Eldert Street Community Garden (315 Eldert St, Brooklyn) where members of the CSA will come together to pick up their share. Shares consist of 8-10 different types of organic herbs and vegetables per week and are changing constantly throughout the season! The CSA also provides educational opportunities and events for members to get to know their neighbors and learn more about our food! Our CSA is a volunteer run organization. A committed community is the only way to make this happen! Be a part of this movement and insure your families access to healthy affordable foods! Eldert Street CSA is partnered with Nolasco Farms, a 50 acre organic vegetable farm in Andover, NJ. Nolasco Farm is run by Sergio, and his wife Paz who have been farming in the New York region for 8 years. Nolasco farms is a member of the New Farmer Development Program (NFDP), a project of GrowNYC. Some of the things you can hope to see in your veggie share are: Cantelope Carrots Chard Cucumbers Garlic Kale Head and Leaf Lettuces Herbs Onions Papalos Hot and Sweet Peppers Radishes Scapes Summer Squash 7 different types of Winter Squash! Tomatillos 12 Types of Tomatoes! Watermelon And much more! Joining the CSA will give you and your family access to beautiful and healthy produce for 22 weeks of the year, while also giving you the opportunity to support NYC's local farmers. Members will choose from a Full share, or a half share. Shares consist of 8-10 different types of seasonal items per week. Full share members will pick up their items every week for 22 weeks. Half Share members will pick up their items every other week for 11 out of 22 weeks. Pick up is every Wednesday starting June 8th from 4pm-8pm at the Eldert Street Community Garden. If these times don't work for you please let us know! We can work something out! Full Share: $20 per week/22 weeks + $15 admin fee = $455 Half Share: $20 per week/11 weeks + $15 admin fee = $235 The Eldert Street CSA is a 100% volunteer run community group. That mean in order to provide this service to the Bushwick community, our CSA members are asked to commit to a minimum of 4 hours of work per season. Work opportunities include, but are not limited to: Distribution Day Shifts Distribution/Site Manager Member Data Base Organization News Letter Treasurer Event Organizer Outreach Website Upkeep Or anything else you would like to participate in! To sign up please read over and fill out the membership agreement form: http://www.eldertstreetcsa.org/


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