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Daily menu serving regional and seasonal organic farm fair, house made pastries and bread, seafood, artisan cheese, and fresh vegetables. EVERY ingredient is sourced from a small East Coast farm. We serve primarily vegetarian food. Our food is extremely healthy for your body and the environment. In the spring, summer, and fall the vegetables you are eating at EAT have been picked within a few days of its arrival on your plate. We also make everything by hand in our kitchen, our bread is of note and fresh baked throughout the week using only a natural sourdough fermentation and fresh milled grains.

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  • EAT Jan 11

    Eat rated as one of NYC top 10 healthiest restaurants!

  • EAT Aug 17

    Help Eat raise money for community pottery studio. Go to for more info.

  • EAT Apr 26

    Check out our spring menu:

  • EAT Apr 24


    SPECIAL – Potato Foccacia & Two Scrambled Eggs w/ Greens
    SOUP – Root Vegetable
    GREEN SALAD – Pea Tendrils in a Honey Vinaigrette
    GRAIN SALAD – Spelt Berries, Cabbage & Roasted Sunchoke
    FRITTATA – made w/ Caramelized Onion, Potato & Nettles


    MUFFIN – Adzuki Pecan Maple (gluten free) OR Apple
    CAKE – Apple Crumble
    COOKIE – Chocolate Chip OR Maple Pecan (vegan)
    BROWNIE (gluten free)

  • EAT Apr 20

    Friday Dinner Specials:
    -Steamed mussels and clams with white wine, shallots and roasted potatoes
    -Soup: root vegetables
    -Green salad: mixed lettuce greens with honey vinegar dressing
    -Grain salad: spelt, cabbage and roasted sunchoke
    -Frittata with potato, cheese and caramelized onion

  • EAT Apr 19

    Thursday Lunch Specials:
    -2 Fried eggs with toast, sauteed greens, somked ham and roasted potatoes
    -Frittata with caramelized onion, potatoes and cheese
    -Soup: row vegetables served with bread
    -Green salad: spinach and radish in a honey vinagrette
    -Grained salad with cabbage, ramp, radish and cilantro

  • EAT Apr 12

    Buy tickets:

  • EAT Apr 10

    Chocolate Tarts! Fresh from the oven. More pastries & baked goods as well. Come on over!

  • EAT Apr 06

    Dim Sum Dinner EAT Greenpoint Monday April 16th Buy tickets:

  • EAT Apr 03

    Our website has been hacked! Thanks to everyone who has been calling and emailing to let us know. While we are working on it you can see our menu at:
    And while you are on there, give us a good review! Thanks, EAT

  • EAT Apr 01

    Sunday Brunch Speceial:
    -Pancakes with sauteed apples and whipped cream
    -Yogurt with fresh apples and honey
    -Biscuit with butter and honey
    -Duck egg salad sandwich on fresh biscuit
    -Frittata with caramelized onion, potato and chard
    -Salad: spinach, purple cabbage and honey marinated carrots
    -Soup: sunchoke and vegetables
    -Hazelnut ice cream

    Cookies, tarts, cakes…

  • EAT Mar 23

    Friday Brunch Specials:
    -French toast with sauteed apples and whipped cream
    -Fresh biscuit with honey and butter
    -Carrot bread with honey and goat cheese
    -Egg salad sandwich

  • EAT Feb 27

    There is still space in our Sauerkraut & Kimchi class tonight, 7pm. Sign up by emailing

  • EAT Feb 14

    There are still a few spots left in our Pasta Making Class tomorrow night. Call 718-389-8083 or email to reserve your spot!

  • EAT Feb 11

    Brunch Specials
    -Soup of the day: Turnip
    -Sandwich: egg salad with aioli
    -Salad: daikon radish, carrot, apple and honey vinagrete
    -Frittata with caramelized onion and sweet potato
    -Buckwheat pancakes
    -Goat cheese quiche with hot pepper and cabbage salad

    Homemade bread, biscuits, cookies, pear cake, carrot walnut muffins, sweet potato walnut muffins, tarts…

    If you want to check the whole menu, please visit our web site

  • EAT Feb 09

    Part of our new Wednesday Night Cooking Classes at EAT. This Wednesday Feb 15th at 7pm visiting chef Nick Furrow will teach everything you need to know about making and cooking pasta. See description for more details. rsvp to jordan@ Nothing cures the post Valentine’s Day blues like creamy blue cheese sauce mmm

  • EAT Jan 26

    Carrot bisque with homemade bread… 8
    Salami plate with housemade pickles and bread… 8
    Fresh spinach salad with carrots, beets, boiled egg and honey dressing… 10
    Cornmeal pizza with tomato sauce, chorizo and fresh arugula… 12
    Polenta with roasted sunchokes and turnips with bechamel sauce and fresh spinach… 15
    Pinto beans stew with panfried mashed potato and topped with coleslaw salad… 15
    Pear and rosemary cake with whipped cream… 7
    Honey shortbread with cranberry sauce and whipped cream… 7

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