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Depanneur Tagged: Depanneur, Grocery, Sandwiches, Williamsburg

Grocery offering imported goods, local artisanal items, best-quality oils and vinegars, fresh local produce, and more.


  • Depanneur Feb 05

    Ta Ta Tuesday Specials Y’allll: Soups: Carrot Ginger or Miso B. Rice Bowl: brussels sprouts, piave, celery, apple, hazelnuts, micro green

  • Depanneur Feb 04

    Monday :( sandwich: omelette special with cured olives, artichokes, shallots, mozz soup: potato quinoa or turkey lentil

  • Depanneur Feb 02

    Serious Saturday Special: Omelette Baguette

    - Cured Black Olives
    - Artichoke
    - Pickled Shallots
    - Mozzarella
    - Dijon Mustard

  • Depanneur Jan 31

    Ohhh la la, we’ve got some sexy food porn pictures on our Seamless page now. They’re even making us hungry and we… http://fb.me/2InESkvqf

  • Depanneur Jan 30

    We’re soooo happy to be carrying good water farms micro greens! {just in from East Hampton} http://fb.me/28xHXODEJ

  • Depanneur Jan 29

    Super Bowl Idea! Tackle those pre-kickoff appetites with a DIY slider party. This how-to guide will keep you
    from fumbling for last minute foodie freakouts and will
    definitely keep your friends and family rooting for more.


  • Depanneur Jan 29

    Kimchi brown rice bowls with pickled turnips, tofu steaks, shrooms, and kale ohh la laaaa http://fb.me/1OG19n5tM

  • Depanneur Jan 28

    Thai coconut curry with fish sauce and cilantro…so, so good!

  • Depanneur Jan 26

    We’ve got Australia Day covered. Store only special for all those Aussies out there. Vegemite Sanga with avo, cheddar & toasted sourdough.

  • Depanneur Jan 26

    PB & J got a facelift. Try today’s housemade almond butter & grilled grapes on Roberta’s City White bread. http://fb.me/CYhrWWhh

  • Depanneur Jan 25

    Fuck yeah, Friday Specials!

    Sandwich: hot sopressata, mozzarella, basil and red pepper flake infused honey.

    Soup: miso

  • Depanneur Jan 23

    Our deluxe Wednesday specials to keep ya warm!

    Soup: pumpkin curry OR duck chili

    Sandwich: omelette with fontina, Brooklyn Cured spicy sausage, trumpet mushrooms, and lemon aioli grilled on a crispy baguette — at Dépanneur.

  • Depanneur Jan 22

    And now this!!! Orecchiette and mustard greens with taleggio bechamel and toasted hazelnuts

  • Depanneur Jan 22

    We’re super excited to announce that we now carry Brooklyn’s own Sprout Wellness on the website. If you care… http://fb.me/15c1FqQQi

  • Depanneur Jan 22

    Tuesday specials! Sandwich: foraged trumpet mushrooms, spicy Italian sausage, fontina, lemon aioli Soup: duck… http://fb.me/SjplJwn5

  • Depanneur Jan 22

    New B(eautiful) rice bowls: grilled trumpet shrooms, pickled rainbow chard stems, three mustard dressing, toasted… http://fb.me/2aRBfJRto

  • Depanneur Jan 21

    rice bowl: brown rice, Rainbow chard, grilled butternut squash, goat cheese, and cashews.

    Sandwich: omelette with chorizo, roasted red peppers, lemon aioli on toasted baguette.

    Soups: Moroccan spiced stew OR Swiss chard with kielbasa

  • Depanneur Jan 18

    New Austrian salad bowl: Kielbasa from Jubilat Provisions (Park Slope), boiled new potatoes, Swiss chard, peppery parsnips, sauerkraut and Tin Mustard.

  • Depanneur Jan 17

    Today’s ultra sexy special: omelette with bacon, ham, broccoli, herbs, gruyere, garlic aioli, and arugula…. http://fb.me/1RZRTh6AN

  • Depanneur Jan 16

    Dudes, some new brown rice bowls are ready for you to eat them. http://fb.me/GCtgluE1

    Perfect day for a beefy grilled cheese, right? Come in and get one or check the blog for this ooey gooey recipe… http://fb.me/DUpOwIuU

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