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Depanneur Tagged: Depanneur, Grocery, Sandwiches, Williamsburg

Grocery offering imported goods, local artisanal items, best-quality oils and vinegars, fresh local produce, and more.


  • Depanneur Apr 04

    Check out the new stuff on our web store! Going out of town and missing that Mast Bar fix -we’ll ship it to ya!


  • Depanneur Mar 18

    Look how pretty -
    Think of us for your next event…
    http://blog.depanneurbklyn.com/catering/ http://fb.me/1C0zqAKKk

  • Depanneur Mar 16

    Soup of the Day is POTATO CHEESE!

  • Depanneur Mar 11

    Sandwich: chorizo, manchego, tomato, shallots, harissa and arugula. Quinoa Bowl: pickled egg, turnip, kale,… http://fb.me/12k06D7T

  • Depanneur Mar 10

    Sunday Fun day!!! Chozza Sandwich: Charlito’s Cocina Chorizo, manchaego, tomato, shallot, harissa and arugula… http://fb.me/1RRi7dImM

  • Depanneur Mar 05

    All out of Ratatouille!

  • Depanneur Mar 04

    All out of ratatouille guys, still have plenty on the spicy butternut squash.

  • Depanneur Mar 02

    Special Saturday Sandwich- Smoked Salmon spread with lemon zest on baguette with cucumber, boiled egg, pickled shallots
    Soupsoupsoups- Butternut Squash
    Kale Vegetable

  • Depanneur Feb 25

    NEW SOUP! Squash Vichyssoise

  • Depanneur Feb 25


    Sandwich: Prosciutto, Goats cheese, Thyme, Lemon, Tomato and Arugula on Toasted Baguette.

    Soup: Tomato and Potato Stew with White Beans.

  • Depanneur Feb 21


    Spinach Salad with Goats Cheese, Dried Fig, Jalapeno and a Mandarin Mustard Dressing.

    Senegalese Peanut (vegan) or Squash Vichyssoise Soup.

    Honeyed Narragansett Ricotta, Proscuitto, Basil and Chili Flakes on Toasted Baguette.

  • Depanneur Feb 20

    Brown Rice Bowl – Spicy Tofu, Ginger, Cilantro and Sriracha

    Soup – Potato, Guanciale, Cheese and Cumin

    Sandwich – Chevre Ricotta Spread, Coppa, Bresaola, Caramelized Onion, Baby Spinach

  • Depanneur Feb 18

    What’s Hot Preseident Day Specials

    1. Sandwich – Grilled sourdough, black olive mayo & prosciutto sandwich. Think, gruyere, tomato with a little fresh basil.

    2. Soup – Coconut lentil

  • Depanneur Feb 14

    Happy Valentines!!! Come get a sexy sandwich from a sexy lady. Speck, fontina, basil,chili flakes, olive oil.


  • Depanneur Feb 13

    Let’s talk about soup baby: White Bean and Kale OR a fresh batch of BLT Soup is on! Sandwich special: Roast… http://fb.me/1dyr4mtTR

    Mast Brothers Chocolate & Dep Valentine’s Day Truffles, Sandy relief and other love filled goodies!… http://fb.me/2cAP7Jqvj

  • Depanneur Feb 11


    Sandwich: Curried Veg, Turkey, and fontina, and cherry tomatoes

    Soup: BLT Soup

    B. Rice bowl: spicy sausage, brown rice, pistou, red peppers and mozz

  • Depanneur Feb 10

    SUNDAY MORNING!!! SOUP: BLT Soup or Mega Storm Chile! Sandwich Special is turkey, sour cherry jam and camembert on baguette!

  • Depanneur Feb 07

    Lots of awesome specials because its almost the weekend!

    BFAST: avo, cheddar, sriracha, egg, grilled MG bread.

    LUNCH: Brooklyn Cured pastrami rueben

    SOUPS: carrot ginger OR addiction mole

  • Depanneur Feb 06

    The Ultimate Midweek Hangover Sandwich Special: soft boiled egg, cheddar, avocado, sriracha grilled cheese.

    Soup: carrot ginger OR addiction chili (made with coffee, chocolate, and beer)

  • Depanneur Feb 05

    Oh! And today’s sandwich special: brooklyn cured pastrami rueben with house made 1000 island, sauerkraut, and… http://fb.me/2ekVNuTN8

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