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COURT STREET GROCERS is a food shop in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. We carry foodstuffs, mostly from around here, some from not around here; all are things we love.

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  • I know, I know…it is early, but start thinking about your Thanksgiving needs. We are going to have great turkeys, standard whites and red bourbons from Griggstown Quail Farm, as well as all the fixings. Stuffing, veggies, gravy, pies, etc, etc. More to come later, BUT START THINKIN’ ABOUT IT!!!!!!!

  • Morning snack! Ants on a log! Remember those? They’re still as delicious as you remember!

  • NEW FALL AND WINTER HOURS!! M-Sa:8am-8pm, Su 8am-7pm!!! EMBRACE THE DARKNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Parents! As school is starting soon, we’d like to finally try to take the advice many of you gave us last year about making lunch boxes for your kids. Please tell us what you’d like to see in them, their price point, or anything else you’d think would be useful. LET US KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So, as of now we are going to be open today, and CLOSED on Sunday. If it ain’t bad we’ll open, but the kitchen will be closed, no sandwiches (bread deliveries have already been cancelled). SORRY, We’re sorry.
    In the mean time listen to this:

  • GREAT peaches, corn, and heirlooms just in from Melick’s Farm!!!!!

    Crackskill is back.
    The BLT also,
    and CHILI DOGS!!!
    Empire National casing franks, split and griddled with Mary’s hot-dog chili,
    with or without ’slaw… on a Jalapeno buttered Martin’s potato long roll.

    Cheerwine braised berkshire bacon,
    Pete Melick’s Black Prince Heirloom tomatoes
    Butter Lettuce
    Mayo and Toasted Pullman….

  • corn! nectarines! peaches! plums! form Melick’s Town Farm, Oldwick NJ! summer!

  • Don’t be a callalooser, come have some callaloo

  • we have, from melick’s town farm in oldwicke N.J., the first peaches of the season, Sugar Plums, and incredible bi-color sweet corn! early no less!.

  • Our turkey club is featured in this weeks New York Magazine!
    ”best triple decker in town!” http://nymag.com/restaurants/c​heapeats/2011/turkey-sandwiche​s/

  • Also, our new weekend sandwich is back!
    the little shonda: 8 hour steamed Jomar pastrami, swiss cheese, durkee famous sauce, ba-tamte pickled green tomato, on orwashers pumpernickel bread.

  • Good new first: our mac and cheese is now epic, the secret glaze for our ribs has been perfected, and our salads and veggies in the case are spectacular!
    Bad News: we are closing early tonight: 7 pm..
    good news: we are having our first ever meeting as a complete unit to discuss how to make everything perfect for you guys. Also, the air conditioner will be installed on the seating side tonight.

  • Hey! It’s 4th of JULY weekend! in the case we’ve got shortrib/ brisket burgers (quarter and half pounders) Hatfeild natural casing hot-dogs, ribs, martins potato rolls… coleslaw and potato salad coming out in a bit.

    pastrami and eggs on orwashers pumpernickel with durkees and pickled green tomato. $10

  • Great food in the case today!!
    Also, we'll have your 4th of July needs met-hamburgers, hotdogs, coleslaw, ribs, etc, etc………….

  • today and tomorrow, for fathers day, Pat LaFrieda brisket/ short rib burgers, raw in the case…. martins potato rolls, slow cooked ribs.

  • Great new produce in today from Melick's town farm and Sandy Ross Organic Farm. Cherries, beets, leftover, garlic scapes, radishes… WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • APB and FYI Carroll gardens customers keep your eyes out for Luna, who ran away from home today. Please pass any info on to the info in the pic.

  • In the case today:
    Slow Roast Pork Belly, SHORTY TANGS COLD SESAME NOODLES, BBQ chicken, Cobb(ish) salad, Asparagus, German Potato Salad, Carrots w/ Harrisa and spring onion, Mac-n-cheese

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