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Café Grumpy is a Brooklyn-based independent coffee company that opened in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in 2005. We have four cafe locations including an in-house coffee roastery and bakery: 193 Meserole Ave. Brooklyn (Roastery & cafe) 224 West 20th St. Manhattan (cafe) 383 7th Ave. Brooklyn (cafe) 13 Essex St. Manhattan (Bakery & cafe)


  • Cafe Grumpy Mar 17

    Sunday morning is for coffee & fixing things

  • Cafe Grumpy Mar 10

    Vanilla pineapple rosemary scone, cherry espresso cacao coconut oat scone, plum bran muffin, citrus brown sugar bundt cake, spiced gougere..

    …pear bread, squash zucchini thyme focaccia, blackberry hazelnut financier (gf), salted caramel raspberry brownie, chocolate chunk cookie

  • Cafe Grumpy Mar 09

    Kumquat coriander honey scone, banana bread, blue cheese red onion dill biscuit, grapefruit blackberry prosecco macaron, bee’s knees bar…

  • Cafe Grumpy Feb 12

    New coffee class dates posted:

  • Cafe Grumpy Feb 09

    We will be opening at 9 am today ( all locations).

  • Cafe Grumpy Jan 28

    We will be closing all locations at 6pm today for a staff get together. Stay warm out there & see you tomorrow for coffee!

  • Cafe Grumpy Dec 29

    Chai scone, pumpkin cranberry muffin, paprika cheddar biscuit, red pepper olive ricotta focaccia, brandied pear bread, black dahlia cake…

  • Cafe Grumpy Dec 27

    Apple bran muffin, cherry chocolate scone, blackberry coffeecake, red onion blue cheese biscuit, lemon poppyseed cake, peanut butter brownie

  • Cafe Grumpy Dec 26

    Cherry chocolate scone, strawberry corn muffin, banana bread, red onion blue cheese biscuit, black dahlia bundt cake, pumpkin fig financier

  • Cafe Grumpy Dec 09

    Persimmon corn muffin w/corn flake crumble, raisin pecan oat scone, ginger chocolate scone, paprika cheddar biscuit, cardamom banana bread..

  • Cafe Grumpy Dec 01

    This weekend’s espresso choices: Heartbreaker / San Luis, Central Valley, Costa Rica / Decaf, Tarrazú & Central Valley, Costa Rica

  • Cafe Grumpy Dec 15

    Candied orange chocolate scone, currant oat scone, apple bran or blackberry corn muffin, banana bread, chocolate chunk cookies, brownies…

  • Cafe Grumpy Dec 09

    From Colleen’s travels: Drying tables at the mill ’Boquete’s Finest’, Panama

  • Cafe Grumpy Dec 08

    Park Slope friends: Stop by from 6-9pm tonight for 20% off coffee beans & brewing equipment to celebrate Park Slope’s Snowflake Festival

  • Cafe Grumpy Nov 26

    From our bakery: Pumpkin walnut muffin, apple cider coffee cake, chocolate financier, hazelnut brownie, olive or herb & peperoncino focaccia

  • Cafe Grumpy Nov 25

    We are open! Bring your family & friends for coffee.

  • Cafe Grumpy Nov 12

    Stop by Park Slope & taste some Raaka Chocolate with us today from 4-6pm

  • Cafe Grumpy Nov 05

    This afternoon’s pairing: Heartbreaker americano + hazelnut shortbread w/caramel & espresso ganache.

  • Cafe Grumpy Oct 29

    It is cozy in here. Come in for a cappuccino & hazelnut shortbread (w/caramel & espresso ganache).

  • Cafe Grumpy Oct 28

    Looking forward to the arrival of Lot #6 from the Rwanda Cup of Excellence auction:

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