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Brooklyn Victory Garden Tagged: Brooklyn Victory Garden, Shop, Clinton Hill, Cheese, Meats, Dairy

Brooklyn Victory Garden is an urban general store in Clinton Hill offering locally, sustainably and ethically sourced meats, cheeses, dairy, bread, gifts and more.

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  • Coolhaus fans rejoice! New flavor just in: Flapjack with balsamic fig marscpone ice cream! Breakfast of champions, I say.

  • Quail is in from CasQuail is in from Cascun Farm – it would make a lovely late winter or early spring meal.

  • We have quail in the shop from Cascun Farm. Raised and processed on the farm. Top quality local living.

  • Oh boy, it’s 45 degrees outside, must be time for ICED COFFEE! Making its fierce return tomorrow! Well ahead of schedule at your requests!

  • We’re open and got extra bagels to keep everyone warm. Go sledding!

  • Making Cannon Balls today for the game: Mortadella, Colby, onions, yellow mustard, butter and poppy seeds toasted on potato rolls. -GoTummy

  • We are stuffed to the gills with meats and treats to enjoy this chilly Super Bowl weekend. Have fun everyone!

  • PLAY-OFF CHEESE: Harpersfield Ommegang. Soaked in beer and deliciously tangy, a perfect marriage of 2 nearly perfect fermented foods.

  • Michael’s Pasta Sauce 15% off Victory Sale thru tomorrow. Yum, pasta and red sauce and cheese and bread, yum.

  • Ok, I know we all have our resolutions and such, but come on, a little HS Chocolate here and there won’t hurt, right? http://bit.ly/10je36A

  • Stonewall Kitchen Blood Orange Marmalade. Bloody good. On sample tonight in the shop.

  • Sunny & Cold, just the way I like it. Warm up with some Van Leeuwen Earl Grey Tea ice cream.

  • 50% off Victory Clearance marches on…Meow Meow Tweet Body Oils & Facial Serums & Lip Balms, oh my.

  • As part of our current Victory Clearance 50% off extravaganza: Maptote toddler tees and onsies. So cute, so gone.

  • We are open today until 5pm. Closed New Year’s Day. Out with the old, in with the Victory!

  • McClure’s Bloody Mary Mix is in! I think we got half the Eastern seaboard’s supply. I taste NY Day brunch!

  • A perfect stocking stuffer-HV Seed Art Packs. Encourage your loved ones to grow! http://bit.ly/Y2XYLy

  • Hankering for homemade mead or hard cider? Hanker no more. We’re the VERY 1st shop to carry DIY kits from HVFarmhouse! http://bit.ly/UZ82E8

  • DIY – Gift in a Jar! Vintage mason jars to stuff with treats of your choosing. Holiday fluff and sparkle included.

  • Butter+Love is up to their usual antics. We’ve got Concord Grape Shortbread on sample in the shop.

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