Brooklyn Standard

Brooklyn Standard Deli LLC is a natural foods Grocery, Coffee Bar, Bakery, Convenience Mart, and Eatery. It is the new standard for the “Bodega”; giving the neighborhood what it needs. Everything you love about your local Bodega: smokes, soda, cheap eats, egg on a roll, deli sandwiches, news paper and magazines, late night munchies, and now the new Standard arrives, of course in Brooklyn. Its sustainability-conscious owners are focused on local employment and products, homemade food, being involved in the community, and “green” operations. Brooklyn Standard inquires “what is Brooklyn making?”. These products are sold on The Standard’s shelves, with some of the product-makers using the Brooklyn Standard kitchen as an incubator for their creations. All other items are sourced from local farms and companies. We make all of our own products and they are available under the The Standard brand name, from hummus to pasta sauce to fresh Vegan pasta, house pickled beets, prepared Vegan and Vegetarian meals, kimchi, and selective meats. Brooklyn Standard is simultaneously providing the freshest and best, fostering self-employment, and caring for our planet.
Come to Brooklyn Standard and enjoy a local farm bacon and eggs breakfast at the window bar, while the in-house vegetarian chef prepares your to-go lunch of tamarind quinoa salad with olives, pinenuts, yellow beets and tarragon. On your way home pick up a house-roasted free-range chicken for dinner, along with a jar of homemade olive spread, some local eggs, fresh-baked bread and some toiletries and household products. Come back over the weekend and savor a latte featuring Stumptown Coffee Roasters in a biodegradable to-go cup while you talk to the in-house Greenpoint baker about a specialty cake for your birthday. Then check out the 7-ft. Organic salad bar, the best bulk food section in Greenpoint, and Brooklyn Standard’s custom compost and recycle system. On your way out, order some Greenpoint-crafted chocolate peanut butter ice cream and stroll around the corner to the Brooklyn Standard-supported “Monsignor McGolrick Park” .


  • Robicellis cupcakes just walked in the door! Fluffernutter cupcakes? Pumpkin Spice? Be still my heart.