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WHO WE ARE: Brooklyn Soda Works was formed in early 2010 by an artist and a chemist couple living in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. We started by experimenting with ginger beer, and moved onto more adventurous fruit combinations. Though we have no formal culinary training, our backgrounds as a visual artist and a research chemist are integral to our rigorous and creative approach to soda making. Our love of food and drink inspires us to contribute something new and unique to the New York food scene, seeking out unlikely flavor combinations that are still refreshing and simple. WHAT WE MAKE: We carbonate fresh fruit juice. We never use syrups or fruit concentrates - we juice everything by hand, and use local, seasonal fruit whenever possible. Using fresh juice means there is very little added sugar and the flavor profile of the fruit is retained. Our focus is on creating inventive new flavors and utilizing seasonal fruits & herbs - sustainable produce is sourced from local farms whenever possible. We have a new flavor almost every week! Here is a small selection of our favorites so far: cucumber lime & sea salt, grapefruit, jalapeno & honey, apple & ginger, Concord grape & fennel seed, strawberry hops & pink peppercorn, raspberry & green peppercorn. Currently on tap at: Beer Table in Park Slope, 61Local in Boerum Hill, Palo Santo in Park Slope, Blue Hill in Greenwich Village, Porsena in the East Village. We're also at Brooklyn Flea every Saturday and Sunday