Brooklyn Salsa

We are a New Generation of Salsa Makers. Our Mission is to Inspire Global Flavor with Local, Sustainable Ingredients. The Brooklyn Salsa Company was born in a Bushwick loft in the early summer of 2008, originally operating as an underground taco delivery service. Now we've taken our DIY roots to the jar, blending Small Batch salsa with CONSCIOUS METHODS, Direct Trade with Local Source, Organic Farmers. The meticulous selection of our ingredients is based on the climate, the health of the soil they're grown in, the people that grow them, and the explosive flavor of each tomato, pepper, onion, and stalk of cilantro we use. Over 100 different varietals of New York State, Certified Organic Heirloom Tomatoes, Tomatillos, Hot Peppers, Cilantro, Eggplant, Onion, and Garlic go into our jars, and every lid is sealed by hand. We use no artificial preservatives ... only fresh Lime Juice. For other tropical ingredients, like the fresh Oranges, Mangoes and Coconuts we need from our friends a little closer to the equator, we've designated funds to aid cooperative farmland in places that could use a helping hand, and are taking strides towards Carbon Neutrality. We've also teamed up with Community Gardeners, Local CSA's, and Public Schools to transform the rooftops, compostable landfills, backyards, empty lots, cement parks and rough kept streets of NYC into a living, breathing, Urban Farm. We are a New Generation of Salsa Makers Inspiring Global Flavor with Local, Sustainable Ingredients. OUR PROMISE IS TO CONSTANTLY EVOLVE - PUSHING BOUNDARIES, GIVING BACK, AND EXPOSING THE VOICES AND NEW METHODS WE BELIEVE IN. Our products are available at stores throughout New York City and beyond, and for order through our website. Take the Lid OFF! The Brooklyn Salsa Company