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The smell of sizzling bacon on a Sunday morning. The snap of a hot dog at a mid-summer ballgame. Saucy barbeque ribs at a backyard cookout. A sip of robust red wine with a bite of translucent cured ham. These experiences are the foundation of Brooklyn Cured. Brooklyn Cured is based on the traditions of Italian-American pork stores, the Lower East Side deli, the French charcuterie, and the German beer garden. It is a labor of love that creates delicious meaty treats such as hot dogs, applewood-smoked bacon, and country pate. All of our products are handmade in small batches to assure quality and pinpoint seasoning and texture. Though Brooklyn Cured is based on tradition, its flavors are modern and its values are progressive. All of our meat is sourced from local farms that use sustainable practices which keep their animals happy and the environment healthy. Brooklyn Cured is excited to return to the New Amsterdam Market on Sunday, May 1. In addition to our complete line of products, we will be unveiling our brand-new Duck Fennel Sausage at the market. It's made with Hudson Valley Duck, fennel seed, garlic, and pomegranate molasses for a sweet-tart kick. Market hours are from 11am to 4pm. Brooklyn Cured will be setting up shop at the New Amsterdam Market every Sunday starting on June 5. The rest of our spring and summer market schedule will be announced shortly. Our line of accompaniments to our fantastic charcuterie is available exclusively at the weekend markets. Come out to sample our Whole-Grain Beer Mustard made with German weissbier, Marinated Mushrooms with white balsalmic and thyme, and Giardiniera with pickled cauiflower and carrots. Local Shops - Brooklyn Cured products are currently available at these fine shops and retail outlets: Basis Good Food to You, Blue Apron Fine Foods, Brooklyn Victory Garden, DaVine Provisions, The Greene Grape, Stinky Bklyn


  • Who’s coming to 61 Local tomorrow to take our totally awesome sausage-making class??

  • We have a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift idea just for you. Take your lover to our sausage making class at 61 Local!

  • Fany February in effect! 10% of all sales today at Park Slope at Down to Earth Mkts will go to La Newyorkina’s rebuilding effort in Red Hook.

  • Snow Day Brunch at Palo Santo. Some of the most delightful food. They cook and source food as well as anyone.

  • Keep it on the DL, but we’re going to reveal our secrets of making great sausages at our class at 61Local on Feb. 19.

  • I know you heard me on the radio….True….

    Thanks to Cathy Erway for having me on Let’s Eat In, her show on the Heritage Radio Network.

  • We’re at Park Slope Down to Earth Mkts today till 4. We’ve got Smoked Guanciale and Buffalo Chicken Sausage. And lots more.

  • The Headmaster of Headcheese is back! Class is in session at 61 Local on February 19. Learn the Secrets of Making Good Sausage with us.

  • Pimp my Ride? No. Pimp My Pate. Yes. This week we’re doing a Pâté with figs, walnuts, and bacon. At Park Slope at Down to Earth Mkts on Sunday.

  • We’re excited to be on Let’s Eat In on Heritage Radio Network on February 4. Listen to us talk about making soups, risottos, and heartwarming meals at home with our products.

  • Starting Friday Sahadis is adding our New York Style Beef Hot Dogs to its lovely new store. No one on the corner’s got wieners like us.

  • Oh hell yeah. Our New York Style Hot Dogs are now on the menu at Atlantic Co! Go get some!

  • Come out to a benefit for the Gowanus Canal next Friday! We’ll be serving our all-beef New York Style Hot Dogs on a menu that features Lot 2 restaurant, Pork Slope, and many other fine local establishments.

  • Tomorrow we’re at Park Slope at farmers mkt city from 10 to 4. We’ll hook you up for your New Years partyin’ needs. Bottle Poppin Sauseege

  • Celebrate New Years the right way: with our cotechino! Get it this week bk victory garden and choice brooklyn.

  • We’re at New Amsterdam Mkt and Park Slope at Farmers Mkt City today. You know the drill. [Insert swaggery charcuterie catchphrase here.]

  • Restore Red Hook is working to fund small businesses who are unable to get financial aid to rebuild. Many businesses do not get FEMA aid because they mainly help homeowners. And many of the businesses in Red Hook were unable to get flood insurance because of geography. Go figure.

  • ‎’Tis the season to gather with friends, family, and loved ones for merriment, adult beverages, and ham! Our smoked maple-bourbon glazed ham is the stuff that dreams are made of. It is the centerpiece of any holiday meal, and a game-changer at any cocktail party.

    We get our Mangalitsa pork from Mosefund Farm in Branchville, New Jersey. Their pork is phenonmenal–it’s rich and it’s got deep red meat qualities that you crave. We cure the hams for a week with brown sugar and bourbon, then smoke them gently with applewood and brush on our maple-bourbon glaze. It’s out of control.

    Order your ham via email:, or order from us at one of our outdoor markets. You can pick up your ham at the market closest to you. Reserve yours before our smoker is at full capacity!

  • Prepared food to serve also needed at 767 Hicks St and at Visitation Church at 98 Richards St in Red Hook.

  • Coffey Park in Red Hook needs prepared good to serve. National Guard is serving meals and is out of food.

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