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Bay Ridge CSA

The Bay Ridge CSA is a partnership between community members of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and our farms: Hearty Roots (vegetables & eggs), Montogomery Place Orchards (fruit) in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, and Lewis Waite Farm (meat, poultry, bread, dairy, jam/honey, etc) in Greenwich, NY. We are proud to announce its fourth year of bringing farm-fresh, pesticide free, locally grown, affordable food directly to the Bay Ridge community. You can join our CSA by purchasing a “share” of a local farmer’s harvest. CSA members receive a bounty of fresh produce each week for the entire produce season, which runs from June until November, which can also include pastured, free range eggs. Also, on a year-round basis CSA members are entitled to separately order their own grass-fed meats, poultry, cheese, eggs, bread, jam/honey, syrup, granola and much more! Get to know your farmer and enjoy the freshest, tastiest, pesticide-free produce you’ve ever eaten, right here in the neighborhood! How Our CSA Works: The Bay Ridge CSA was started in 2008 as a partnership between the people in our neighborhood (55 members in our first year, led by a dedicated core group of volunteers), the Hearty Roots Farm, and with the cooperation of the 4th Ave Presbyterian Church, and the guidance and resources of Just Food. In the Spring, members purchase a “share” in the farm. This gives the farmers much needed financing for purchasing seeds and other supplies. In return, the farm delivers a portion of the harvest to members every week throughout the growing season, from June through November. By supporting our partner farms, our CSA members not only get freshly picked, delicious food once a week at an affordable price, they are also helping to preserve local, sustainable/organic agriculture and farmland, and get to enjoy being part of acommunity of food-conscious neighbors. Learn more about the farms (and the farmers!) that provide us with our weekly shares. Get to know more about where your food comes from! Hearty Roots: Hearty Roots Community Farm is located in the village of Tivoli in New York’s Hudson Valley. The farm is a community resource where people can connect with the land and one another — fill the belly and the soul! At Hearty Roots we grow a wide variety of fresh vegetables, and a few fruits. Through our practice of regenerative farming, we strive to increase the fertility of the land for future generations. We grow food without the use of any chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Our farm is diversified in many ways, and this is reflected in the large number of varieties of produce that we plant “In many ways, farming is similar to teaching; you create a universe unto your own. There are seasons and cycles, busy times and slow times, and you’re taking care of living things.” – Kaycee’s Farm Notes, July 5, 2008, The Bay Leaf “We work hard here at Hearty Roots. Seven days a week, at least one of us is at the farm. Some days just watering, other days planting, weeding, tilling, keeping away the groundhogs, and harvesting. Perhaps the produce itself tells that story: of long days in the field. But our bright, sweet carrots and heavy, round beets also tell another story: Hearty Roots isn’t just about hard work…. I can’t speak for the rest of the crew, but farming for me is about the people I work with as much as it is about growing produce… I think our produce shows the satisfaction we feel at the end of our days, as well as the work we put into them.” – Tracy’s Farm Notes, July 19, 2008, The Bay Leaf “One of the reasons that our customers don’t worry about the fact that we don’t have the organic stamp on our produce is because they know us and they know that we care a lot about how we are growing… so they don’t need the USDA, a third party to intermediate that relationship. One of the nice things about the csa system and the diversification of that model is that built into that is some sort of benefits of natural processes. You don’t see too many bugs getting out of control when we’re rotating crops… we have some tomatoes, next to some carrots, next to some basil… our systems really mimic nature in keeping a balance on things…. That includes down at the soil level, the different kinds of microorganisms that we have working for us in our soil is a huge benefit to the fertility of our plants. We use all natural fertility methods. We try to keep our organic matter in our soil high by using cover crops. It makes sense for the health of the plants, because when you do that you getting a much more balanced system nutrient system for the plants. It works really well for us that we’re doing things in natural and environmentally friendly ways because it gives back to us in our organic system.” Montgomery Place Orchards: Montgomery Place Orchards is a small farm, founded over 200 years ago, and operated by Doug and Talea Fincke for the past 21 years. We are located in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY in Northern Dutchess County, and grow a wide variety of fruits and some vegetables on a purely retail basis. Fruit shares in past CSA seasons have included: cherries (sweet and sour), raspberries, black raspberries, blueberries, apricots, nectarines, asian pears and many unique varieties of peaches, apples and pears. Lewis-Waite Farm: Lewis Waite Farm raises pastured, grass-fed and grass-finished beef and pork up in Greenwich, NY. The farm is a family business run by Alan and Nancy, who started raising beef back in 1967. The farm is 450 acres, and focuses on selling humanely raised beef and pork directly to the consumer through CSAs and farmer’s markets. For more info about the farm itself, click here to visit their website. Lewis Waite Farm also acts at the point of distribution for a network of small, family-run farms throughout NY and VT that offer their products to local CSAs via their purchasing website, customized just for CSAs! The Bay Ridge CSA is fortunate to be part of this network! A wide range of healthy, organic, and locally produced products are available to the CSA, such as: - Breads - Meats (all pastured: Beef, Pork, Duck, Lamb, Chicken, Turkey) - Cheese & Yogurt (cow’s milk, goat milk, sheep’s milk) - Jams/Chutneys/Honey - Maple Syrup - Granola - Eggs The product list offered through this CSA network is constantly expanding so be sure to check back on a regular basis. Pick Up: Pick-up is on Saturdays, 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. at the Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church (on Fourth Avenue between 68th & Senator Streets). Members must bring their own bags. Please note: Anyone arriving after 10:30 a.m. will not be admitted to the site. Volunteer requirement: You will be required to work a single 3-hour shift on a Saturday of your choice. This entails keeping the produce well arranged on the tables, posting signs identifying the fruits and vegetables, staffing the sign-in table, and tidying up. The Site Coordinator will be on hand to guide you. The BR CSA strives to make our shares affordable. Families receiving WIC or EBT benefits are automatically eligible for subsidized shares. Individuals with incomes below $25K and families with incomes $30K or below can request low cost shares. For questions regarding Low cost shares, please contact administration@bayridgecsa.org Shares: VEGGIE SHARES: - June 9th through November 3rd (22 weeks). - Half Share is every other week (11 weeks). “A” week starts on June 9th, “B” week starts on June 16th FRUIT SHARES: - July 7th through November 3rd (18 weeks) - Half Share is every other week (9 weeks). “A” week starts on July 7nd, “B” week starts on July 14th EGG SHARES: - June 9th through November 3rd (22 weeks). - Half Share is every other week (11 weeks). “A” week starts on June 9th, “B” week starts on June 16th Pricing: Vegetable Share: 7–10 items for 22 weeks Full Share: $520 EOW Share: $277 Local Fruit Share: 3 items for 18 weeks Full Share: $230 EOW Share: $115 Pastured Eggs: 1 dozen eggs for 22 weeks Full Share: $122 EOW Share: $62 Green Combo: Vegetable & Fruit shares: Full Share: $750 EOW Share: $392 Mega Combo: Vegetable, Fruit, & Egg shares: Full Share: $872 EOW Share: $454 * EOW = Every Other Week Join: Please contact us at info@bayridgecsa.org to be place on our list. You cannot join a season in progress. But to be placed on the waiting list for the following season, please contact info@bayridgecsa.org


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