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New American menu that changes seasonally.


  • Battersby Mar 11

    Chicken liver with fennel crackers, mâche, and white mushroom

  • Battersby Feb 14

    Happy Valentine’s Day from our team! We are reservation only this evening for a special tasting menu, but we hope if you aren’t celebrating with us, you have a great evening otherwise!

  • Battersby Feb 09

    Thaw out from the storm with A Bitter Reunion and our Short Rib Pastrami!

  • Battersby Jan 20

    four words: lemon poppyseed bread pudding

  • Battersby Jan 13

    sunday on smith = mezcal + rye + ramazzotti + sherry. here till ten, kids.

  • Battersby Jan 03

    Squab with Winter Fruits & Vegetables is a must have in this bitter winter weather!!!

  • Battersby Dec 31

    Happy New Year Brooklyn and on! We are ressie only tonight, closed Jan 1. Have a safe & happy celebration!

  • Battersby Dec 16

    Ring it in with us! A few spots left to celebrate 2013 with us… Carrier pigeon to for details!!

  • Battersby Dec 11

    Duck Pate with Pistachios, Foie Gras, and Gribiche. The perfect dish for a warm December day!

  • Battersby Dec 07

    grab a copy of Remedy’s latest issue to see what family meal means to us!

  • Battersby Dec 03

    start off the week in style… Pret A Porter = Gran Classico, Hibiscus luksosowa, celery, grapefruit marmalade !

  • Battersby Dec 01

    radicchio + turnips + egg + bottarga. then lots and lots of pappardelle please. come and get it kids.

  • Battersby Nov 26

    KISSing cousins = blackberry shrub, bols genever, cocchi, becherovska.

  • Battersby Nov 25

    LETTUCE TURNIP THE BEET. (with candied pecans, queso de mano, chiles)

  • Battersby Nov 19

    Battersby is now open on Mondays, with the perfect dish for a brisk winter day, House Made Papperdelle with Duck Ragu, Madeira, and Taggiasca Olives!

  • Battersby Nov 18

    Battersby will be hitting it big tomorrow… Now open SEVEN (count ’em) SEVEN days a week!!

  • Battersby Nov 11

    cured arctic char + beets + buttermilk + horseradish. a cold theme for a warm day. come visit.

  • Battersby Nov 07

    Battersby is holding a fundraiser to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims in Red Hook.
    255 Smith St.
    Brooklyn, NY…

  • Battersby Nov 02

    Erika is back!! So is the Duck Liver Pate with Foie Gras and Gribiche!!!

  • Battersby Oct 28

    Tables still available on 10/31, Halloween, email NOW for your tasting menu reservations!!!

    Battersby will remain open tonight, I recommend coming in for our home made Pastrami with mustard, cabbage, and apples!!!

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