Bare Foot Organics at Greystone Farm

Greystone Farm, located in the lush Lebanon Valley in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, was homesteaded in 1835, by Philip & Barbara Brechbill. During its 176 years of existence, this once thriving family farm had been in turn, a working dairy operation and a horse-boarding stable, before falling into neglect in the late -1990's. Its foundation left to the groundhogs and its rafters full of swallows, the final indignity involved the majority of its nutrient rich soil being sold and bulldozed for a suburban housing development; it appeared its useful life as a working farm was over. In 2007, with the desire to "make a difference in the world", The Beatles' Revolution playing in their head's and fueled by an abundance of residual 1960's & 70's idealism, the farm's original home, barn and final 17 acres was purchased by Phillip Stober & Barbara Vitanza. The original owners, Philip & Barbara Brechbill, thanks to the happenstance of fate, are pleased. Today, rededicated to its original purpose as a working farm, retrofitted to raise the highest quality produce, grass-fed beef and pasture raised eggs possible, Bare Foot Organics @ Greystone Farm, certified organic in 2010, is once again bringing forth the abundance of the land. Phillip & Barbara are living proof; it is possible to make a difference. We hope you'll join us in the real food revolution. What you do, matters. About the CSA: Community Supported Agriculture is the beginning of our food revolution. It's a give and take between the farmer and the consumer that's strengthened when consumers know the farmer who grows their food and understand the costs of supporting the farm. When the consumer also shares in the variability of the harvest; less when it's bad, the bounties when it's particularly fruitful, it fosters the understanding of how we are all connected. When you join Pennsylvania's farm's CSA (community supported agriculture) you get 21 weeks of locally grown/produced vegetables, fruits, cheese, eggs and meat for $32-$39/week. Distribution: Tues nights beginning in June at the Triomph Gym at 540 President Street. Sign up Here by April 15th:


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