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Founded in Brooklyn, NY, BaconMarmalade is your new staple condiment. From it's conception on the open seas, to it's perfection in the city that never sleeps, BaconMarmalade jars your love affair with bacon. Sweet and sticky, tangy and meaty, the sinfully rich and utterly delicious flavors will amaze your senses and make you realize that YES, bacon can get better. To inquire about a jar, email us at

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  • For everyone inquiring about purchasing our product, we unfortunately are no longer producing and have moved out of the country. We do miss all of our friends!!! Hope everyone is having a marvelous summer! cheers.

  • last jar was sold and is being shipped today. Don’t worry though… whisk, Big Gay Ice Cream, and Eastern District are still stocked up!

  • Farewell, BaconMarmalade!

    Stock up on those jars! We have our Original flavor and SPICY!! We’ll be at Whisk tonight feeding you cupcakes and holding your hand while you cry.

  • Do you love cupcakes? Do you love our Spicy BaconMarmalade? Then come stock up on jars and meet us at Whisk next Wednesday 6-8pm.

  • Dear friends and family and lover’s of bacon, it’s time for us to close up shop as we take the next step in life and move aboard to Mallorca, Spain. Our last order’s need to go through by January 27th. So order up and stock up! We love each and everyone of you, and as excited as we are, we have tears running down our eyes knowing we have to say goodbye. cheers. Chef Ross + Joanna !

  • a great breakfast sandwich to power you through the day: eggs, bacon, muenster, bacon marmalade, and fig paste. Order UP!

  • Print out your own Recipe Card! Holiday BaconMarmalade Cookies! Enjoy!

  • Dear lovely fans, we have 12 jars of Spicy BaconMarmalade left. Email us if you’d like to purchase them while supplies last! We’ll Ship!

  • Did you go to the grand opening of the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop yesterday? Well, if not this is what you missed… The Choinkwich with our BaconMarmalade!

  • Have you been invited to a family picnic or a garden BBQ with friends? Are you asking yourself … what should I contribute?! We can help!! You will blow your friends our of the water if you just bring 1 jar of BaconMarmalade to your 4th of July Party! So get them while we have ’em! Happy Cooking!