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Arthur on Smith

Hello, my name is Joe Isidori. I am a Third generation chef, my grandmother, my father & myself. With the recent passing of my father, I have begun to look at my career in a new light. For years I have honed my craft & labored in some of America’s toughest kitchens. My travels took me around the world & I learned all that I could about the culinary arts. Somewhere along the way, I turned my back on my own heritage. People always asked me, “Why won’t you cook your father’s food?” I simply replied “because that food is for us, not the world.” It was a way of keeping that certain bond between a father & son, who both happened to be chefs. When he passed, I felt lost in my life and career. His words, which I had largely ignored, started to become sobering & very true. I began to see restaurants in a different fashion. I began to see restaurants as he would; “Warm, Heartfelt & Real”. “Make sure people are happy & don’t make such a fuss.”-that was his motto. With that in mind I have developed “Arthur on Smith”. My father’s name was Arthur Joseph Isidori & I am Joseph Arthur Isidori. Arthur on Smith is a restaurant that pays homage to the relationship of father and son. This restaurant will simply be about two chefs with a special bond. Along with a fundamentally sound repertoire that I have created through my career, coupled with the sensibility & style of my father’s cuisine; I believe all who experience this restaurant will leave with a sense of something truly wonderful and hones.