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The revolution starts in your mouth. Anarchy in a Jar makes jam, jelly, marmalade, chutney and pickled fruit at our artisanal jam facility in Brooklyn, New York. We use the best ingredients we can find and enhance each flavor with herbs, spices or vinegar. We use mostly local fruit and always focus on producing the most delicious handmade jam. Our methods combine old world techniques like long-maceration with new world finesse that retains the healthy antioxidants and vitamins in the fruit so that each jar tastes fresh picked. Our jams are less sweet than many of the supermarket brands, since we add just enough sugar to preserve the fruit and enhance it’s flavor. Each batch is unique and all of them are made with love. Anarchy in a Jar is run by Laena McCarthy, who learned the art of jam making in upstate New York from her mother. She taught her to source local ingredients from small farms and her own garden, and incorporate herbs and spices into each unique batch. After traveling around the world for a few years and awakening to the vast array of senses on planet Earth, Laena ended up back in New York at an opportune time, when there is a revived demand for fresh, local, creative food. With help from her team of tasters, fellow food makers and jam fans, she stirs her eclectic experience into the elixirs of the jar. You can find our jams at shops throughout Brooklyn and New York City, as well as at markets like New Amsterdam, Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea. Check out website for the latest on availability.