• peter.hobbs Dec 12

    Thumbnail The conundrum is clear. New York is a coastal city, surrounded by seas rich with life and towns where fishermen have been harvesting the ocean’s bounty for centuries. Yet it’s next to impossible to buy fresh fish, caught locally, anywhere, even at many docks themselves, where fishermen have exclusive deals with distributors who pump the [...]

  • peter.hobbs Jun 09

    Thumbnail “On Evan’s very first brew day here, he got heatstroke.”  -Craig Frymark Simply put, local upstart Barrier Brewing is killing it. The year-old, two-man operation has already made a name for itself by brewing an impressive variety of notably well-crafted beers on a tiny single-barrel brewing system, out of a small garage-like space in Oceanside, New York. Evan [...]

  • peter.hobbs Jun 03

    Thumbnail Christopher Nicholson’s day job is interesting enough. His daily commute takes him from his Greenpoint home to the Red Hook harborfront, where he’s a winemaker at the Red Hook Winery , shepherding Long Island and Finger Lakes grapes through the long and complex journey from vine to barrel to bottle.  But his other work may be even [...]

  • peter.hobbs May 25

    Thumbnail When Annie Novak of Greenpoint’s Eagle Street Rooftop Farm put the word out that she’d be opening the roof for a night harvest last night, we knew we’d have to stop by. No, not gonna miss a chance to pick a trove of fresh salad greens on a rooftop farm while basking in the glory of [...]

  • peter.hobbs May 24


  • peter.hobbs May 20

    Thumbnail“Good meat is homemade, it’s freshly ground spices, and it’s care for the method. It’s not looking for shortcuts, and that’s what the average deli became – ‘how can we shortcut everything to lower our costs, because people won’t pay more money but want bigger portions?’  I did this my way and I kind of gave the [...]

  • peter.hobbs May 17

    Thumbnail “We use local, organic ingredients as often as possible” For today’s discerning diners, that once-reassuring line on a menu doesn’t cut it anymore.  It seems like it’s almost de rigeur for new-school Brooklyn restaurants to reserve a spot on their menus to proudly name the farms from which they source their meats, produce, and cheese. You’ve [...]

  • peter.hobbs May 12

    Thumbnail Most of us don’t contemplate much beyond, “Cappuccino or Latte?” when it comes to coffee. But coffee can be complicated. A particularly complex supply chain makes it easy for us to to skip the questions we’ve begun asking more frequently about our food: Who grew this? Where? How? The Crop to Cup Coffee Company was [...]

  • peter.hobbs May 12

    Thumbnail Rumors have been swirling over the past year about Bacon Marmalade, an elusive and highly sought-after invention supposedly created by a chef in Greenpoint. Wide-eyed devotees of the mysterious marmalade talk about its almost magical, mystical properties when added to a sandwich, stirred into pan with greens or seafood, or used as a marinade on [...]

  • peter.hobbs Apr 03

    Thumbnail The Brooklyn Flea has famously become a dream incubator for many fledgling Brooklyn food makers. Stories abound of passionate, hard-working makers and chefs getting a shot to share their creations with the masses at Flea, and using that chance to parlay a table, tent and dream into an actual business. And for many, that’s where [...]

  • peter.hobbs Mar 25

    Thumbnail “So…that’s how Brucie came to be. Crazy story right!? You weren’t expecting that, were you?” -Zahra Tangorra, Chef/Owner, Brucie Brucie, the new-kid Italian joint on a stretch of Court Street in Cobble Hill that’s crowded with Italian eateries, is making a splash. The neighborhood’s gone and fallen for Brucie’s ever-changing menu, take-home lasagna program, and [...]

  • peter.hobbs Mar 11

    Thumbnail When Robert Stout and his wife moved into the Bed-Stuy apartment above Chris Woehrle’s place a few years ago, the two quickly hit it off over their shared passion for good food and good cooking. Inspired by their chemistry in the kitchen and itching to escape their day jobs, Chris and Robert decided to try [...]

  • peter.hobbs Feb 22

    Thumbnail When Nathalie and Jake Weisner, a sister and brother from Massachussetts, decided to sell lemonade for fun at a friend’s stoop sale in Fort Greene last Spring, they never imagined that it would lead to an actual full-time business. After the one time lemonade stand morphed into a neighborhood phenomeneon, with crowds turning out each weekend [...]

  • peter.hobbs Feb 18

    Thumbnail When I met up with Jordan Silbert, the creator of Brooklyn-based Q Tonic, I figured we’d chat about how he came up with the idea to make an old-fashioned tonic water, and maybe get a little cocktail advice. I did not expect to be taken on a journey spanning the centuries and crossing the continents [...]

  • peter.hobbs Feb 16

    Thumbnail Full disclosure: I have always been partial to cashews. When I was a kid, cashews made an appearance in our house just once a year – at my parents’ annual holiday cocktail party. I looked forward to those cashews for weeks, and when the party started, I came with a plan. I’d casually weave my [...]

  • peter.hobbs Jan 10

    Thumbnail On forays to your neighborhood wine shop, or while perusing your favorite restaurant’s wine list, you’ve probably noticed ‘Natural,’ ‘Biodynamic,’ and ‘Organic’ wines showing up more and more frequently. We’ve wondered more than a few times about what exactly what all those labels mean. And it begs the question – what exactly is the deal [...]