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Jacob’s Creek Winery, a grape grower and wine making outfit in on the other side of the planet, in Australia’s Barossa Valley, is producing a series of video profiles of artisanal makers of all kinds of good things, not one episode of which even really mentions Jacob’s Creek wine. Why? Could this be some strange new form altruistic misdirectional marketing? Just: “Hey, check out these guys doing cool stuff. Don’t worry about us. That is all(?)” Whatever the motive, it works for us.

One episode introduces us to the Van Leeuwens, the trio of Greenpoint-based artisanal ice cream pioneers who make all their flavors with fresh milk and cream from local dairies, and an array of pure, carefully sourced ingredients. Their secret? According to Peter Van Leeuwen, “We keep it extremely simple and find the best of everything we can get our hands on. As long as you start with that, you’re halfway ahead.”

And no, there are no subliminal messages buried in the soundtrack or contrived scenes of the Van Leeuwens kicking back after a long, hard ice cream-making sesh with a glass of Jacob’s Creek vino. Just a look at ice cream goodness. So, meet the Van Leeuwens:

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