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“Oh Snap! We punked those urban ag nerds sooo good! Whoohoo!”

The New York Post ran a story on the growing popularity of urban farming last week…and in predictable fashion for the Mean Girl Queen of New York media, turned it into a high school cafeteria-style hit job on some well-meaning local urban-ag enthusiasts.

The story sets up the slapdown by mixing quotes from Greenpoint beekeeper and gardener Meg Paska, Brooklyn Grange rooftop farmer Ben Flanner, urban forager Leda Meredith and others with a bitch slap of snark from Christian Lander, creator of Stuff White People Like and Erica Reitman of beloved BK blog Effed in Park Slope.

It’s a funny piece and we’re fans of Lander and Reitman, but it’s funny in the way that seeing a popular jock dump a slurpee over the head of a chess club kid in a crowded high school hallway is funny. Not nice, people. NOT NICE.

Favorite quote? Brandon Hoy, owner of the famed garden/restaurant Roberta’s says:

“Farming is really just one aspect of this survivalist mentality that exists here, I think originally it was kind of a funny joke — we look at it as a zombie-proof compound.”…In addition to their greenhouse, he says, “We’ve got barbed wire, we’ve got flame throwers. So we’re good. We’re set up for the zombie invasion.”

Meg Paska responded to the fracas from high road, inviting Lander and Reitman to her place to try some backyard eggs, while standing up for the cause on her blog Brooklyn Homesteader. Can we come too, Meg?

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