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By Colleen Kane

This year’s Antic hit Atlantic like the great tornado of September 2010. All of Brooklyn showed up and tore something up, whether it was food, beverage, or in the case of numerous adorable children, the street-turned-dance floor.

Like the festival-goers coming from all corners of Brooklyn, there was food of all ethnicities on hand. While the usual foodie-event suspects like the Red Hook Lobster Pound represented, so did vendors of cheaper eats like melted mozzarella grilled arepas and 3-for $5 hot dogs. As the oldschool Brooklyn natives rubbed shoulders with the hipsters and the gentrifiers, they ate food from local classics like Sahadis and Juniors, and newcomers like NuNu Chocolates. The Antic became a great equalizer for Brooklyn, if only for a day. Some highlights:

Yours truly sampled the $5 mushroom macaroni and cheese from Chip Shop. It’s tough to do an affordable mac and cheese for large crowds without creating awful cafeteria-style yellow blandness, but Chip Shop got it right. The sauce was light and not too binding, the mushrooms leant a welcome earthiness to the dish, a layer of browned cheese topped it off, and the whole meal was gone in about 60 seconds.

Although $10 or $15 is more than the normal investment on soda, Wild Bill’s Olde Fashion Soda Pop Co’s offer of unlimited refills in their tin collectible mugs was a huge hit.

Sixpoint Craft Ales seem to be everywhere these days, and they were all over the Antic, with a custom brew made specially for the day: Antic Antic Amber, which had a surprising note of citrus or apricot.

Despite our best efforts, we didn’t come close to hitting all of the hundreds of food vendors spread out along the mile of mayhem. Were you one of the million who turned out for the big fest? If so, let us knowyour favorite food finds at the Antic this year.

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