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The Brooklyn food buzz has been getting louder, but we didn’t quite realize the extent to which Brooklyn Cuisine had developed an identity of its own that warranted packaging up and unleashing on foreign lands…even if it’s just across the river. The Wall Street Journal brings word that The Brooklyneer, a bar, restaurant and retail shop featuring all things Brookyln, will be opening in the West Village later this month.

Some choice quotes from Manhattanites:

That’s kind of genius. It’s like the Eataly of Brooklyn,” said Jeff Dommu of Chelsea, referring to a new Italian food and wine marketplace in Flatiron.

Katherine Solomon, a Murray Hill resident, agrees. “I’d like to be able to sample Brooklyn without having to leave the borough.”

Not sure why, but we feel just a tiny bit uneasy about the co-opting of our beloved borough’s unique and thriving food scene. And what’s up with ‘Brooklyneer?’

“A Brooklyneer is a term, we didn’t coin it,” said Aron Watman, a partner in the venture. “It’s kind of what Brooklynites prefer to be called in this world.”

Hmmm … really? Sounds a little close to ‘Mouseketeer’ to us. Suspicious, anyone?

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