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What!? You’re still sticking to those New Year’s resolutions? Committed to a Radiohead-esque melange of being, ‘Fitter, happier, more productive…Comfortable…Not drinking too much…Regular exercise at the gym’? Seeking less meat more veg, and a general turning up of the dial on your consciousness in 2012?

Maimonide of Brooklyn is open, now serving vegan and vegetarian fare, in the shape of national monuments, in Boerum Hill.

Perhaps you’d like to try new Boerum Hill restaurant Maimonide of Brooklyn. M.O.B, which just opened in Boerum Hill a couple weeks ago, is offering a menu of mostly vegan and vegetarian food but also calls itself, “a doorway opening the mind to the perception of music, poetry and philosophy in a tormented world where hope yet shines.”

Why open such a portal in Brooklyn? Well, because, “Brooklyn is not just a name, a location, or a city; Worldwide, Brooklyn is a symbol that we can live together, on the other side of the bridge, each in respect of the other’s heritage, all with faith in a shared future.”


Both quotes come from the first page of the restaurant’s introductory comic book. That’s right. Comic book.

According to the book, Maimonide of Brooklyn is named for the ancient philosopher/doctor Maimonides, who taught that certain combinations of fruits and vegetables were good for human health. The restaurant’s comic turns him into a modern day pizza delivery man turned superhero, dressed in kickin’ Brooklyn style that includes a giant gold Brooklyn Bridge necklace.

This may sound a little heady, but the folks behind the restaurant seem to know what they’re doing: owner Cyril Aouizerate is co-owner of the Mama Shelter hotel in Paris, and the menu was developed with help from chef Stéphane Pitre, who worked under the many-Michelin-starred chef Alain Senderens in France.

The food sounds pretty down to earth. According to Grub Street:

“The bill of fare includes a selection of flatbreads shaped like Brooklyn Bridge archways, soy nuggets served in fast-food style clam shells, doughnuts ‘fired’ in steam, not fat, and corn soup garnished with popcorn, served ‘in memory of the Native Americans who used to grow corn on Boerum Hill in Brooklyn.’”

The also serve open-faced vegetarian sandwiches in the shape of national landmarks.

Can’t get enough of hip-hop vegan comic book waxing-philosophical superheros? Stop by Maimonide of Brooklyn for more, or get a preview of their comic here (PDF, link at the bottom of the page.)

Maimonide of Brooklyn, 525 Atlantic Ave., near. Third Ave, Boerum Hill

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