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Littleneck, a new clamshack with chef Alan Harding at the helm, opens tomorrow in Gowanus

Remember Littleneck, the upcoming Gowanus clam shack promising a raw bar, lobster, beer, wine and…clams that we first got wind of back in July? When we saw Carroll Gardens Patch reporting that they’ve got a new chef in the kitchen, we dropped a line to co-founder Aaron Lefkove to see what’s up. We got a bigger bite than we expected: Littleneck opens tomorrow!

The new chef is Alan Harding, known for his work at PatoisPacifico, The Farm on Adderley, Hot Bird, and the Gowanus Yacht Club. Lefkove explains how they met:

“Alan knew our carpenter, Nick, and he would drop in on us and check out what was going on. Eventually he offered to work with us in a sort of mentor capacity, and so far he has really been kicking our asses into gear. He also stepped in as plumber, electrician, carpenter, and chauffeur at various times, which is handy.”

With a renowned Brooklyn chef at the tiller and a kitchen full of New England-style in the hold, Littleneck is ready for action. Stop by the restaurant, check out their DIY renovations, and hold on to that last bite of summer with an iron grip. The final word from Lefkove:

“We open Wednesday with Alan in the kitchen. It is gonna be awesome.”

Littleneck, 288 3rd Avenue between Carroll and President, opens Wednesday

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4 Responses to Littleneck Clam Shack Opens With Chef Alan Harding at the Helm

  1. JOE DOOM says:


  2. Watched you few years ago. The cooking show; cooking in brooklyn. Just saw you win this past week on chopped. congrats! wondering if you had a website, i’d like to know what or if there’s a restaurant(s) or cooking show in the future.

  3. john pacheco says:

    I’m a small time self taught resturant owner in fall river.mass. I love Alan technique on cooking style I learn so much from his show I wish it was still on he is a great cook. Nice Guy. Well shured style cook loved whatching him on chopped it was nice seeing him well I may say good luck with your new adventure in the littleneck restaurant it know it will do good wish I could come see the place and have a nice chat with u and learn more from well gray time seeing u on TV. Goodluck u beserve it. Thank u Johnny. Pacheco

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