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Despite its short life, Kings County Distillery is New York's oldest whiskey distillery! Picture courtesy Kings County Distillery.

Guess you Brooklynites like your hooch local, too: the Wall Street Journal reports that the Kings County Distillery has outgrown its 600-square foot space in Bushwick and is moving to a 7,000-square foot space in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Owners Colin Spoelman and David Haskell are looking to take their much-loved bourbon and moonshine national, and the new space will allow them to up their output from 270 liters a month to 10 times that much. This will mean hiring new employees, and it also means Colin Spoelman gets to quit his day job. Mazel tov!

Some interesting facts about Kings County Distillery’s new home, from the WSJ article:

“Kings County Distillery will be moving into a brick building built in 1905 known as the Paymaster Building, said Andrew Kimball, president of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corp., the nonprofit which manages the yard. Military personnel picked up their paychecks there during World War II. Most recently, it was home to a manufacturer of funeral shrouds for orthodox Jews.”

In addition, distillery co-founder David Haskell tells Grubstreet that, “We will be building a grain garden next door to the distillery, growing corn, rye, etc. Obviously not enough to source from, but to give visitors a better sense of every step in the whiskey-making process.”

Post-move, the Distillery will be open for tours and tastings. Is there any way to make time move faster?

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