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Bloomberg News writer Ryan Sutton went on a marathon search for the best lobster roll in New York City. He found that:

“New York’s best lobster rolls cost half as much as New York’s best-known lobster rolls. How do I know? I ate 16 of them.”

Unimpressed with most of the offerings other than those from Pearl Oyster Bar, Luke’s and Red Hook Lobster Pound, his final verdict was that RHLP rules supreme:

“Red Hook Lobster Pound’s rolls ($15), available from the flagship storefront and at the Brooklyn Flea, are better than Luke’s. Just lemon, salt, butter and paprika. The flesh, laid into a JJ Nissen bun, is so delicate it’s like biting into meringue. A gloss of homemade mayo rounds out the flavors. You can also order a Connecticut butter style roll to set the maritime intensity in high relief. If Thomas Keller served them he’d get a Michelin Star.

Rating: Outstanding (9.5/10).”

Nona couldn’t agree more – Now who do we talk to about the Michelin star?

For a great read, check out the full piece here.

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