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NY Magazine ran a feature this week on the New York’s burgeoning artisanal soda scene. Congrats to Nona members Caroline and Tony of Brooklyn Soda Works and to Anton of P&H Soda on being awarded the top two spots in the rankings!

Brooklyn Soda Works and P&H Soda are producing truly innovative flavors with all-natural, seasonal ingredients. In case you haven’t yet had the chance to try them out, you can find Brooklyn Soda Works at Flea each weekend. (Nona Tip: they will be featuring watermelon, tarragon & lemon and lime, mint & cilantro sodas this weekened!).

You can find P&H Soda at Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain, Brooklyn Ecopolis, Rockaway Taco, The Brooklyn Kitchen and The Williamsburg Waterfront Concerts and Pool Parties. No bendy straws needed, these drinks are cool enough.

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