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Editor’s Note: Welcome to ‘The Brooklyn Food Chain’ – a little experiment designed to link together Brooklyn chefs’ favorite bites. Each week, contributor Mariko Makino will ask a local chef to name one of their favorite go-to dishes – something they can’t get enough of when they’re heading out for a bite. With her weekly pick in hand, Mariko will chat with its creator about how it’s prepared, and ask that chef in turn to name their favorite, adding another link to ‘The Brooklyn Food Chain.’

In part 1, Mariko chats with Ron Behnke of Brooklyn Salsa, who can’t get enough of Momo Sushi Shack’s ‘Mexican Bomb.’

The "Mexican Bomb" from Momo Sushi Shack is the first item on our Brooklyn Chef Food Chain.

Rob Behnke, co-owner of Brooklyn Salsa on his current favorite dish in Brooklyn:

“A restaurant I go to on a constant basis now around my neighborhood (Bushwick) is Momo Sushi Shack.  I first went there about two months ago, and I haven’t stopped. ‘The Mexican Bomb’ is what keeps me coming back. It’s is an amazing sushi platter — the perfect balance of sushi rice, Scottish salmon, avocado, and a dabble of tomatillo salsa.”

Philip Gilmour, co-owner of Momo Sushi Shack, on ‘The Bomb’:

“A sushi bomb is our form of nigiri sushi, but they’re a little bit smaller than traditional nigiri.  You know how sometimes you eat nigiri and there’s almost too much fish for one bite?  Well, we slice the fish very thin, layer them, and then place the fish over rice, so they end up looking like little muffin-shaped nigiris.  Unlike traditional nigiri sushi, we add in some other unusual ingredients – the Mexican Bomb specifically is made with raw organic Scottish salmon belly, sushi rice, sliced avocado and topped with a tomatillo salsa.

The salmon we use is super-fatty, making it extra tender and special.  Makoto Suzuki, the executive chef and co-owner who originally came up with the dish, is a fan of Mexican food like everyone else, but wanted to make something that would be a little more creative than just tuna, avocado and hot sauce and call it Mexican-inspired.”

[Editor: Stay tuned - Next week, Mariko chases down Philip's favorite dish...]

Brooklyn Salsa has been making salsas with locally sourced and organic ingredients since 2008.

If you can’t wait to try the Mexican Bomb yourself (can’t blame you), head over to Momo Sushi Shack at 43 Bogard Street, in Bushwick – right next to Roberta’s.

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  4. unbelievable how passionate the article is when describing the mexican bomb

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