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Chapulines a la Mexicana—grasshoppers sautéed with onions, jalapeños, and tomatoes--are a popular dish in Mexico.



Americans — perhaps Brooklynites in particular — always seem to be looking for the next culinary trend, and the limits of what’s considered palatable continue to be pushed. In its August 15th edition, The New Yorker published a story on the emergence of insects as a potential new fad in the culinary scene. As the story notes, insects have long been a part of cuisines from the Far East to Latin America, and even a look at our culinary roots in this country includes some experimentation with these protein-packed pests. Some food researchers argue that, as populations continue to boom, those seeking protein may have to turn to insects, which take up far less space, land, and other resources than, say, their bovine counterparts.

José Andrés, last year’s James Beard Award winner for Outstanding Chef, already serves a grasshopper dish at his DC restaurant, Oyamel. Andrés is quoted in the article as saying, “We need to feed humanity in a sustainable way,” he says. “Those who know how to produce protein will have an edge over everyone else.” An excerpt from the article and more interesting tidbits can be found here.

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