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John Bush, Dale Talde and David Massoni, the team behind top chef Dale Talde's new Asian-fusion restaurant in Park Slope, are opening a new 'dream hangout' spot on 5th Avenue this spring.

Most restaurant crews take a few years to get the hang of things, build a customer base, and settle in before opening a second location. Chef Jacques Gautier of Palo Santo waited six years to open Fort Reno, Francine Stephens and Andrew Feinberg of Franny’s waited six years to open Bklyn Larder and eight years (and counting) to open Marco’s (which they’re aiming to open in 2013), and Al Di Là owners Anna Klinger and Emiliano Coppa waited nearly 14 years to open Bar Corvo on Washington Avenue.

But the owners of Talde, which opened less than a month ago on 7th Ave. in Park Slope, don’t seem concerned. News just broke that Talde owners Dale Talde (Top Chef), John Bush and David Massoni (Thistle Hill Tavern) will be opening their next venture on 5th Ave. in the Slope in Spring 2012. Guess they’ve got that critical restaurant owner trait: confidence!

The trio aren’t talking name, cuisine, or concept yet, but they did tell Park Slope Patch that they want it to be a great hang out spot.

“It will be the bar I want to drink, eat and do things at,” Bush said at Talde on Monday night. “I have this fantasy of getting off work here and going straight there.”

“It’s the place we are going to go hang out,” Massoni said, also at Talde on Monday night. “It’s going to be super, super, super, super casual.”

The new venture will be in the old Aunt Suzie’s space on 5th between Carroll and Garfield. Talde will handle the menu, Massoni will man the front-of-house, and Bush will be bartending and developing the beverage program.

For anyone who’s counting, there are 19 weeks until the summer solstice. See you at Talde Part Two in June?

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