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By Caroline Mak and Antonio Ramos of Brooklyn Soda Works

While these aren’t exactly eggnog in terms of classic holiday drinks, we definitely enjoy them during the winter season!

1. Macchiato at Abraço (86 East 7th Street) – there’s lots of good coffee to be had in New York nowadays but there is no coffee drink we crave and thoroughly enjoy as much as the macchiato pulled by Jaime at abraco. It’s a joyously rowdy, volcanic-looking, bubbly thing. Absolutely perfect texture- balancing smooth and creamy with a the perfect amount of a gassy/bubbly/acidic thing. Great, rich taste with just the right amount of milk! Perfect for keeping you going while dashing about the East Village for last minute gifts.

2. Banana, Date, Lime Smoothie at Taim (222 Waverly Place) – sounded a bit strange to us at first but we were hooked after the first sip! Great, smooth texture from the date and banana and a very subtle touch of lime to give it a little zip and keep it from being too sweet – perfectly balanced and delicious.

3. Chai Tea from Punjabi Grocery & Deli (114 E 1st St) – simple, cheap, hot, delicious! Just a Tetley’s tea bag, milk, hot water, a couple cardamom pods and a dash of a spice mixture (or there’s an all-milk option or even a double tea bagged all-milk option if you want to go all out!) Equally great for that drunken cold walk back to the train post-holiday party, or after watching bizarre 60′s art films over at Anthology film archives.

4. Hot Apple Cider from Red Jacket Orchard (available hot at the NYC Greenmarkets and some stores like Choice market, or buy a cold bottle and warm it up yourself) We love apples and the ones from Red Jacket are great: we use them in many of our sodas. Buy a bottle of it and spice it yourself at home – try anything from cinnamon to cardamom or allspice! And for an alcoholic version, throw in a splash of your favorite bourbon.

5. Hot chocolate! of course, who doesn’t love hot chocolate? Our favorites are from nunu, available at the Brooklyn Flea during the colder months, perfect for those cold Saturday mornings , and an honorable mention to City Bakery’s ginger hot chocolate and all the other special flavors they only have during hot chocolate month in February of every year.

And our recipe for spiced cranberry soda:

Spiced Cranberry Soda
(makes one liter)

half pound cranberries
1 cinnamon stick
10 cloves
2 balls allspice
1/4 cup sugar

1. Bring 700ml water to boil in pot. Add in cinnamon.
2. Clean cranberries. Add to water.
3. Simmer for 20 minutes, stirring regularly.
4. Add in clove and allspice. Cut heat. Leave everything in pot for 5 minutes.
5. Strain and filter.
6. Pour into a carbonating device such as a ISI soda siphon. Add in cold water. Carbonate (if you don’t own a soda siphon, you can simply add seltzer water to the juice to get a fizzy beverage, or this cranberry juice is also a great mixer for use with vodka).

Brooklyn Soda Works was formed in early 2010 by an artist and a chemist couple living in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Originally motivated by the search for the perfect ginger beer, the pair are committed to coming up with adventurous fruit & spice combinations, always using fresh fruit – never making their sodas from syrups. Their fizzy beverages can be found at the Brooklyn Flea during the warmer months, and at select restaurants and bars such Beer Table and Palo Santo in Park Slope, and Blue Hill Restaurant in Manhattan.


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