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By Anna Wolf, owner of Greenpoint’s My Friend’s Mustard

I would have to say that my favorite snacks these days include two treats from Ovenly. Both their Spicy Bacon Caramel Corn made with Brooklyn Brewery Pennant Ale and their Peppered Old Bay Peanuts made with Brooklyn Brewery Pilsner. Surprise surprise…the beer mustard lady likes other treats made with beer! Ovenly’s treats can be found at Brooklyn Brewery and Brooklyneer and they are also doing the pastries for Bedford Hill now.

I also dig anything pickled including Sour Puss Pickles‘ pickled okra, Brooklyn Brine’s fennel beets, and McClure’s garlic dill pickles…as a mustard maker I suppose it’s no surprise I love all kinds of vinegar-based foods! These are great for holiday relish trays or gifts. The pickles are pretty well known – you can find them just about everywhere these days.

I’m a total sucker for cheese plates around the holidays. I don’t want to tout my own mustards too much, but a good sharp cheddar goes really well with both the Spicy Brown Ale mustard and the Jalapeno IPA mustard. At the Lucy’s Whey Anniversary party we paired the mustards with the Cabot Clothbound Cheddar and some bread. Yummy, if I do say so myself!

Anna Wolf is currently the sole mustard maker/owner of My Friend’s Mustard. She makes two varieties of wholegrain beer mustard using ales from Sixpoint Brewery (more recipes are in the works). She officially launched My Friend’s Mustard in late August 2010, and you can see where to find them on her “where to buy” page at Her mustards are available at over 20 Brooklyn locations and a several in Manhattan.


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