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Brooklyn Farmville?
The Daily News compared Brooklyn’s growing urban agriculture scene to a ‘Real Life Farmville’ this week. We love seeing Brooklyn’s farmers and gardeners getting the attention they deserve… but did they have to compare this burgeoning movement to a kinda-dumb Facebook game?

NY mag framed things with a different twist, giving some of Brooklyn’s farmers the Annie Liebovitz rock star treatment with a glammed-out photo feature. Why not? These guys are rock stars.

Kitchen Sharecropping Takes Root
Last week, we mentioned the efforts by Joann Kim of the (temporarily) defunct Greenpoint Food Market and Rich Awn of Mombucha to create an incubator commercial kitchen and storefront that will allow new local food artisans to adhere to health code requirements while making and selling their products.

This week, the NY Post published a piece illuminating the growing practice among local small-scale artisanal producers of renting commercial kitchen space from active restaurants during off-hours to stay in the good graces of the food police.

There seems to be endless demand for locally produced artisanal food and drink these days, and for good reason (see that egg story above). We’re glad to see that resourceful food entrepreneurs with a passion for making good food are finding ways to navigate through the red tape to bring us their wares.

This week on her ‘Let’s Eat In’ radio show Cathy Erway sat down with Matt Tilden of SCRATCHbread. Hear Matt talk about his recent “Right to Deliciousness” KickStarter campaign, his new store in Bed Stuy, his newest baking creations and ideas, plus his past as a professional singer (and his giant SCRATCHbread tattoo). Listen here.

Food Photog Love
Serious Eats profiled Brooklyn’s own food photographer Michael Harlan Turkell this week. We’ve been admiring Michael’s work in Edible and lots of other places for a long time. To us, he captures Brooklyn’s food world in a unique way that just resonates with authenticity. Great to see him get some love! For more from Michael, see his website.

The Honey War of Ft. Greene
John Howe, a beekeeper who produces Brooklyn Bee honey from his hive in Ft. Greene, attempted to keep the peace when a war between wild hives broke out in the aftermath of the tornado. Sadly, a treaty agreement was not reached in time, and the beseiged hive met an untimely demise.

The Pigeon Wars
While the Honey War of 2010 came to a quick, if brutal, conclusion, Brooklyn’s pigeon wars never end. Ever been stuck in traffic on the BQE around dusk and seen those big flocks of pigeons looping and banking above the rooftops? Turns out it’s a war, people. In our non-food link of the week, we bring you the story from Brooklyn365.

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