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In case you missed these gems, here’s a look at some great food reads. With heirloom (tomato) auctions, watermelon tips, early pumpkins, and pie pics, a little something for everyone’s tastes…

Sotheby’s Heirloom Auction
… that’s heirloom produce, not jewelry that’s going on the block. In yet another sign that the fetishization of heirloom varieties of produce has risen to new heights, The Wall Street Journal brings us word that Sotheby’s will be auctioning crates of mixed local heirlooms at their ‘Art of Farming’ event in September. Asking price for each crate? $1,000. While Nona will stick to scouring the local farmers markets for our heirlooms, the Sotheby’s auction IS for a great cause, so pass the word along to your deep-pocketed produce-loving friends.

Picking the Perfect Watermelon
Watermelon season is here! What better way to celebrate August than with a nice wedge of summer’s sweetest treat? The NY Times has been kind enough to provide a platform for readers to offer their tips for how to pick the best watermelons. They’ve also got a great recipe for grilled halibut with watermelon salsa that you can use once you get those watermelons home.

Heirloom Tomato Hits
New York Mag put together a team of experts to taste test and rank some of the best heirloom tomato varieties available at local greenmarkets. We’d like to see this evolve into a weekly Top 10 list.

Al-fresco Dining With Zen Flavor in Carroll Gardens
Element Natural Healing Arts, a Carroll Gardens Spa, is launching a seasonal dining series. Dinners prepared by well-known chefs will be served on their ‘Zen-inspiring’ back deck monthly while the warm weather lasts. Chef Alan Harding will be hosting the inaugural meal on August 28, followed by Mark Simmons of Melt (and Top Chef) in September. More in The Brooklyn Paper.

Warning! X-Rated Pie Pics
If you missed Pie in the Park last weekend, you might want to take a look at Metromix NY’s drool-inducingphoto series.

Summer Jack-o-Lanterns?
We might have to schedule some early pumpkin carving parties this year, as the AP reports on the early harvest brought on by the crazy-hot spring and summer growing season in the Northeast. On some farms, pumpkins are already being harvested!

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