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It’s been a while since Nona has had to respect the school bell, but just knowing that school starts again in a week still bums us out. For those of you taking the week off to veg out at the beach or in the park, here are some good reads to keep your mind off the back-to-school ax dangling over all our heads:

A Coffee Adventure with Cafe Grumpy
Serious Eats’ new coffee columnist Liz Clayton shadows Café Grumpy as they wrangle some of the best small-batch beans around at online coffee auctions, search for the best roasting techniques for those beans, and eventually brew and serve them at their Brooklyn shops.

BK Farmyards Breakdown
The Financial Post profiles Stacey Murphy’s BK Farmyards program this week. Stacey wants to, “cultivate a network of tiny farms involved in high-yield food production, ultimately run by urban farmers who can make money at the ventures.” If you’re one of the luck few Brooklynites with some outdoor space and you like fresh, local produce … you should talk to Stacey. If you haven’t seen FoodCurated’s video on BK Farmyards, check it out here.

A History of School and Community Gardens in NYC
Growing food in school and community gardens has been all the rage recently in Brooklyn and NYC, but it’s also got a storied past. The Huffington Post brings us a look at the rich history of school gardens in NYC, with some great old photos. See? School’s not all bad.

Hi Mom! Brooklyn Grange on TV
The Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm was featured on the ABC local news this week. If you missed it and would like to see some nice video of the farm, you can check out the short piece here.

The Battle of Brooklyn Revisited
OK, so this one isn’t about food, but we thought you might enjoy it anyway: This week marks the 234th anniversary of the Battle of Brooklyn and Brooklyn Street Art is collaborating with street artist General Howe to commemorate this early chapter in the Revolutionary War in a predictably creative and entertaining manner. See the project here: Battle of Brooklyn Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6

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