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Eggs are one of the most universally enjoyed and utilized foods in cooking worldwide, and while many have made the switch to the cage-free or organic variety, it can still be tough to tell just how fresh they are.  Store-bought eggs often have misleading labels (can you name a dairy product that doesn’t have the word “fresh” along with a picture of a bucolic scene of some sort on the packaging?)  No worries: Jaccqueline Suzelis of Home Grown has a few tricks to help you tell how old an egg really is, which eggs boil best, and why washing eggs might be a bad idea.

Gabrielle Langholtz has even more egg intel in this month’s Edible. Read about seasonal eggs (naturally-raised hens only start really laying in spring, while factory farms keep them under bright lights all year to keep ‘em coming), fertilized eggs (natural farms have roosters in their flocks, so the hens produce fertilized eggs, while factory operations house only hens), and why it’s worth poaching or boiling a really good egg (if you scramble or fry, all you’ll really taste is the butter or oil).

According to Liz Carollo of NYC Greenmarkets, you can get some seriously fresh eggs from these farmers at local Greenmarkets: Tello’s Green Farm ( at the Ft. Greene and Grand Army Plaza markets), Flying Pigs Farm (Grand Army), Garden of Eve (Greenpoint), Feather Ridge Farm (Carroll Gardens) and Millport Dairy (Brooklyn Borough Hall).

If you want the freshest of fresh eggs, BK Farmyards’ flock is layin’ in style right here in Brooklyn, and there are still a few spots left in their 2011 Egg CSA.

Who else has good eggs? Tell us in the comments!

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