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We’ve mentioned before that Broolyn Grange, the city’s largest rooftop farm, is a finalist in the BBC’s World Challenge – a voting-driven competition meant to draw attention to some of the planet’s most progressive projects. It’s election day. If for some reason, you’ve been stingy with your vote…you know what you need to do.

Are you one of those independents, still on the fence about how to cast your vote? Yesterday, the BBC posted what may be the most in-depth look at the Grange project yet:

Brooklyn Grange isn’t planning on kicking back to watch the clouds float past their acre in the sky.

Grange co-founder Anastasia Plakias says: “…We aim to craete a fiscally sustainable model of urban agriculture that can be replicated anywhere in the world.”

Next up? The Grange is expanding – they’ll be launching a new 60,000 square foot farm on a rooftop at the Brooklyn Navy Yard next spring.

The BBC Challenge winner will take home $20,000 in prize money to further their efforts.

It’s Election Day. Take a second to vote for Brooklyn Grange right here.

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