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A band of rogue gourmands took over a car on the Brooklyn-bound L train on Sunday to serve up a 6-course extravaganza to a dozen lucky diners as they made their way from 8th Avenue in Manhattan to the denoument in Canarsie.

Photo by Yana Paskova for The New York Times (link to full story and slideshow below)

The ringleaders and chefs, members of the supper club A Razor, A Shiny Knife, didn’t cut any corners either. They suspended hanging tables from the overhead handlebars to create a stable platform for the meal.  Servers boarded the train at consecutive stops, presenting each new dish and exiting at the next stop to make way for the following course.

According to the reports, the diners enjoyed fluke crudo, foie gras, ramp soup, filet mignon, a cheese course and dessert…as innocent bystanders generally fiddled with their iphones, stared blankly at ads,  and otherwise pretended nothing unusual was happening.

No one was arrested.

Photo by Emily Cavalier of Mouth of The Border (link to more of her photos below)

More of this, please! Can we do the F Train next time? Cuz’ we’ve always fantasized about enjoying some fine dining while crossing the Manhattan Bridge at twilight.

Here’s the big story from the NY Times, and some more photos and commentary from Emily, of the awesome food blog Mouth of the Border.

Video coverage of the whole extravaganza should premiere shortly. We’ll keep you posted.

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